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For too long, the Cryptocurrency space has been regarded as a virtual minefield as illegitimate projects, fraudulent actors, and poorly managed protocols riddled the scene leaving investors exposed, exploited, and at risk. Stories of scams, hacks, and other protocol exploits have left investors afraid, tired, and untrusting. The emergence of SafeSwap however will transform this narrative and set a new standard in the way users buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Today we are excited to announce the successful launch of the SafeSwap Kovan testnet! Today’s beta launch brings to life a new way of investing that brings safety and security to the entire space.

The SafeSwap Kovan testnet allows users to safely test the function, UI, and overall operation of the exchange. This beta phase of SafeSwap will also have a $5,000 bug-bounty which will be rewarded to users for finding bugs on the platform.

Below is a short segment on how to access and use SafeSwap testnet on the Kovan network. Please note that mobile optimization will be completed at the end of the testnet period and we therefore suggest for testing to be carried out via PC. Enjoy!

SafeSwap Kovan Testnet Set Up

  1. Go to the SafeSwap testnet website:

2. Once on the SafeSwap testnet website, select “Connect to a wallet” and connect your Metamask or other ERC20 wallet, just like you would with the UniSwap exchange.

3. Once connected, click the Metamask fox extension on your browser, then click where it shows “ Ethereum mainnet” at the top and see the drop-down menu, select “Kovan Testnet”.

  • 4. Identify the 6 YF test token addresses from the google those will be added as custom tokens. These will be needed to obtain Kovan testnet tokens to use (Keth).

YF tokens 1–6

// yf1 Token


// yf2 Token


// yf3 Token


// yf4 Token


// yf5 Token


// yf6 Token


5. Go to Metamask wallet and select “add token”. Copy and paste each of the 6 yf token addresses and add them.

6. Get Kovan test eth. Go to metamask and select “Buy”. Now scroll down to “Test Faucet” and click “Get Ether”. You will now be sent to Github.

7. Click the Github link under the “” segment, you’ll also need to Login or make a Github account.

8. After clicking the link, click “login with Github”. Now you can enter your address in the space provided, then click “Send me Keth”.

9. You now have Keth test Ether! You may now use SafeSwap as you would UniSwap! Play around with it and report any bugs for a reward!

The above process is outlined in this easy to follow video:

SafeSwap Bug Bounty

The SafeSwap bug bounty campaign allows users to receive rewards when they find bugs. Having many users testing out the platform helps to ensure that the SafeSwap exchange runs smoothly and is consistent all throughout the exchange.

Below you will find a break down of the bounties

SafeSwap Bug reward

Note: The bug reward is only for function and not based on UI which will be updated prior to full launch.

Maximum of $5000 YFDAI

– $250 for any unique bug reported in the first 24 hrs.

– $200 for any Unique bug reported in the first 48 hrs.

– $100 for any unique bug reported in the first 72 hrs.

– $50 for any unique bug reported after 72 hrs.

*A unique bug is considered to be one that has not already been reported.

To submit a bug report, please email your findings, name, and Telegram ID to our support desk at: Support@YFDAI.Finance

When a unique bug has been determined by our panel, you will receive a reply via email about your reward.

We hope you enjoy your SafeSwap beta experience!

The start of our SafeSwap beta allows our community to get familiar with the exchange and uncover any bugs or issues. Once the testnet phase concludes, we will be rolling out our SafeSwap exchange for public use. The launch of the SafeSwap exchange will signal a new era in exchanges and will take the Crypto space by storm. For the first time in cryptocurrency history, users will finally be able to transact safely and securely. The unnerving risk of buying and selling tokens will be history as SafeSwap will ensure an unmatched, secure trading experience.

For detailed instruction on how to test see here:

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