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The secret service has been tracking crypto criminals, researchers remain optimistic on Bitcoin’s price action and grab your notebooks, The Wolf of Wall Street is offering a crypto class to anyone willing to pay for it. My name is Deezy. This is your nightly crypto news wrap up. Let’s get it!

The secret service isn’t just tasked with protecting the President and identifying counterfeit founding fathers. As of late, they have been cracking down on cyber criminals that use crypto to process illegal transactions or launder money. Since the blockchain is known for its transparency via the public ledger, the Secret Service has an entire department endlessly scanning the blockchain for unwanted activity. It’s not a bad thing for the criminals that there is so much volume to hide behind. There are millions and millions of crypto transactions every week and they commonly use more transactions then necessary to make the breadcrumbs harder to follow. To combat this, the Secret Service is using is actively tracking the wallet addresses of suspicious users to create something similar to a heat map to connect the dots. The men in black have also been sending subpoenas to exchanges to stop criminal wallets, they identify the identities of people who use those wallets and they follow the money between known criminals and unknown senders. So far, after closing the book on 254 cases, the secret service has seized over $102 million dollars. It’s faulty thinking if you believe that crypto is a sneaky way to hide from big brother; in actuality, you’re better off using good ol’ fashion cash.

The rollercoaster ride of Bitcoin continues to take us for a loop and history shows that we have never had two bullish years back-to-back since its inception. As some investors still have their laser eyes set on that illustrious 100k price point, and other people wouldn’t be surprised if Bitcoin fell as low to $25 this year. Recent research indicates that it’s unlikely that the price will drop below $25k since long term hodlers are not willing to sell. It’s scary to see the 200 week moving average linger around $21k, not to mention a Market Cipher blood diamond confirmed on the weekly chart just last week. It gives me hope that short term holders are still “buying the dip”, -institutions are still buying Bitcoin -and the 2 day chart indicates that we have been putting in higher lows since the price flirted with the $33k level in January. Most indicators are telling us that the price is bearish on the long-term time frames, but the bulls are still fighting strong in the short term. Keep a close eye on Bitcoin’s price action and Bitcoin dominance when considering your Alt coin positions. Speaking of Alt positions, let’s check in with Frankie Candles for your nightly market watch.

(2 day chart)

Former Bitcoin nonbeliever Jordan Belfort is now offering an educational “mastermind workshop” at his villa in Miami Beach. In classic Wolf of Wall Street fashion, this weekend long crash course is available to those willing the pay the hefty price of 1 full bitcoin for admission. The first of these classes took place last weekend and those who experienced the “intimate financial experience” were picked from a pool of 600 applicants. Besides learning about crypto strategy, the metaverse and defi, reports that the students also spent time riding jet skis, yachting and eating dinner in the Wolf’s den – I mea villa. I understand if the students intentionally paid for a massively overpriced crypto course for the experience alone, but if you’re on the outside looking in, you do not have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to learn the ins and outs of this industry. It’s not exactly ethical to squeeze that amount of money out of it, but he’s the wolf. What do you expect? ** Not too long ago, he was calling crypto a “Mass delusion” and a “sinking ship”, but now, he’s more than happy to cash in on a forged opportunity. If you want to learn extensively about crypto, how to read charts and capitalize on gains, be sure to check out the BitLab academy. Unlike the wolf, we can teach you everything you need to know to take your portfolio to the next level for only 30 bucks a month.

That’s all I got. Deezy Out!

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