Posted 2 years ago | by Ben Armstrong

TRON Sun Network Upgrade to Give "Unlimited Capacity"

One of the biggest issue for any blockchain is scalability. Many networks have promised a high TPS (transactions per second), but many have not been able to deliver on those promises. TRON hopes to have their own solution to the scalability issue via their new expansion plan for the main TRON network called the Sun Network Plan.

The Sun Network will allow free transactions, DApp support, 100 times lower fees, & faster confirmations for transactions. Smart contracts will also have a longer execution time. In fact, TRON is so confident in the Sun Network that they believe it will "provide unlimited capacity for TRON main network to support the growing number of transactions."

Justin Sun's current Pinned Tweet summarizes the Sun Network.

If the Sun Network Plan is truly able to be executed then this could open up a new era for TRON. It may not be able to silence all of its critics, but it certainly could lower the decibel level a few notches.

To see more details on this story and others, check out BitBoy Crypto's latest video:

[youtube v="UAYzVFtTftg"]