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Are Retail Investors Getting Played?

That almost seems like a rhetorical question. The reason that institutions and accredited investors always win is because retail investors generally lose. That often is blamed on more professional technical analysis tools and access to enough money to financially manipulate the market. But is the conspiracy against retail investors much larger?

It seems like that may actually be the case. Infamous investor Kevin O'Leary, known for his role on the ABC hit show Shark Tank, seems to be playing dumb when it comes to Bitcoin in an attempt to manipulate public opinion of the currency.

Recently he was on CNBC with Bitcoin investor & advocate Anthony Pompliano (affectionately known as Pomp). In a discussion, O'Leary said two years ago was the first time he had gotten involved in cryptocurrency. He mocks Bitcoin investors and puts on the appearance that he does not even understand Bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

However, a video from 2013 shows him speaking very favorably of the currency and even suggesting way back then that he was very interested in investing in Bitcoin. He definitely showed a firm understanding of what Bitcoin is even before most people had ever even heard of it.

The popular YouTube Channel Altcoin Daily recently did a video pointing out all of the inconsistencies in O'Leary's recent statements compared to his glowing review of Bitcoin in 2013. Check out their analysis of the two videos.

[youtube v="RkeBVoAhRLA"]


It certainly seems like Mr. O'Leary is straight up playing dumb. And as Altcoin Daily says in their video, "pay attention to what the smart money does, not what it says."

To see more on this story and others, make sure to check out today's BitBoy Crypto News video:

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