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Recent months have seen a lot happen at Cartesi headquarters. From exciting product rollouts and strong new partnerships to the success of our DApp Incubation Program, it’s been a busy Q1 for the Cartesi team!

This being said, we have no intention of slowing down operations in Q2 and beyond; we are pleased to announce that we have welcomed four new talented individuals to the Cartesi team that will enable us to ramp up development and expansion in the coming months!

In this article we will be putting the spotlight on 2 of the 4 new additions to the Cartesi team, exploring how they will be helping us to realise our vision in the blockchain and software development world.

Victor Yves, Software Engineer

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Victor is an easy going techie who truly believes in the transformative role technology has on people’s lives. Since 2014, Victor has been focusing on mobile technologies and has worked alongside teams large and small, helping to build some of the most famous video streaming apps in Brazil. Victor is now eager to bring his extensive experience to the blockchain industry and wants to play his part in the technological revolution; with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from PUC-Rio, Victor has a laser focus on software quality and an agile heart, believing that diversity is the key to success.

Unsurprisingly, software development is a key part of Cartesi and, boasting an already stellar team, it is great to be bringing more high-quality talent to the company. We are very excited to welcome Victor to the Cartesi team and with so much progress having been made in recent months, we look forward to utilising his valuable skills and knowledge to continue working on the upcoming Cartesi products that will make waves in the coming year.

“It’s a great pleasure to join such talented people in this effort to evolve the decentralized web and improve its development experience along the way. Looking forward to great things!” — Victor Yves

Zehui Zheng, Blockchain Engineer

Welcome to Cartesi HQ

Zehui Zheng currently resides in Victoria, BC, Canada but is originally from Shantou, Guangdong, China. In 2020, Zehui earned his Masters degree in Computer Science at the University of Victoria in Canada and, during the program, he completed research in Byzantine Agreement supervised by ACM Fellow Valerie King. Prior to this, Zehui earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in both Electronic Information Engineering and Computer Science at Shenzhen University, China, in 2017.

Zehui entered into the world of blockchain and smart contracts as part of a Bachelor’s senior project and never looked back, intrigued by the promise of a distributed future. Zehui has dedicated significant time towards studying the mechanisms behind blockchain technology and will make an excellent addition to the Cartesi team as we move into a busy second quarter of the year.

During another exciting month for Cartesi, we are proud to be expanding upon our dedicated workforce and will continue to ramp up operations on our mission to make the untapped potential of blockchain technology accessible to the millions of traditional software developers and businesses around the globe.

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