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Introducing the nine newest members of the Cartesi team.

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It’s been a lively month at Cartesi, with enrollment for our Texas HOLD’em Poker testing filling to capacity, the launch of our Rollups tools, listing on Revolut, Kraken, and much more! Alongside these exciting developments, we also welcomed nine brilliant individuals to the Cartesi team. We’re growing fast, and to help us deliver on our goals for 2021, our new team members will work to expand our marketing efforts, advance our engineering capabilities, and gear up our business development strategies.

Take a look at who’s joining the team:

Jesseca de la Pena, HR and Admin Manager

Jesseca has 10 years of combined HR, Talent Acquisition, and People Operations experience. She has led the recruitment and employer branding efforts of international non-profit organizations including the UN, as well as developed the remote working culture of tech and educational start-ups. Over the years, she has helped these growing companies get recognition in their inclusion and employee experience initiatives. As the first-ever Human Resources Manager for Cartesi, it is her goal to mold the team’s culture with transparency, trust, and respect by creating frameworks that are anchored in ethics, diversity, and compliance.

A native of the Philippines, Jesseca has a degree in Psychology and Education from Saint Mary’s College and a Master’s degree in HR from the University of Barcelona.

“I was drawn to Cartesi because of the chance to learn and be a part of a blockchain technology team, plus the opportunity to empower and work with highly-talented individuals from around the world.”

Karmen Truong, Digital Marketing Manager

Karmen Truong is a social media and content marketing professional with a dynamic portfolio ranging from travel, lifestyle, and technology. Previously working as the Social Media & Communications Manager for Cubo Ai, she helped successfully launch the Taiwan-based AI start-up into US and western markets. With a BSc in Psychology from the University of Nottingham, Karmen has a data-driven approach to support her ideas in content creation and strategy. Passionate about expanding her skill set and knowledge, she is ready to dive into the world of blockchain!

“The more I learn about this industry, the more I see how important Cartesi’s technology is to aid adoption into mainstream use. I’m beyond excited to join a diverse and talented team building a bridge to make blockchain technologies more accessible to the world.”

Enderson Maia, Software Engineer

Enderson has almost 20 years of experience solving problems from network management, to system automation and data integration using the tools at hand. He also worked as the IT manager and independent consultant for companies from software houses, to retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and health service. The command shell is where he feels most comfortable — even better if combined with some freshly brewed coffee.

With a degree in Information Systems and a master’s in Software Engineering, he has been working remotely since 2020, when he made himself available to work for companies abroad.

”Joining Cartesi is super exciting and a great technical challenge to me. I believe that blockchain will enable business models unimaginable yet, and Cartesi will be relevant to make it possible.”

Lourival Vieira Neto, Software Engineer

Lourival is a Computer Engineer with MSc in Programming Languages and more than 17 years of experience in the software industry. Over the last decades, he has worked as Software Architect, Technical Lead, and VP of Firmware Engineering, leading up to 25 engineers in innovative projects, involving mostly embedded systems and cybersecurity. Lourival has also contributed to research on the use of high-level scripting languages to extend operating system kernels, publishing papers, giving presentations, and mentoring students. Most recently, Lourival co-founded Ring-0 Networks which he has decided to pause temporarily to join Cartesi alongside his team.

“I decided to join Cartesi because of the opportunity to work alongside and with such beautiful minds. When Diego [Nehab] first reached out to me, I was quite reluctant to abandon — or at least put on hold — my dream of growing my own startup. However, the more I learnt about its technology and especially its team, made me more than confident that Cartesi will pave the way for great innovations in the blockchain field that we cannot even imagine right now.”

Marcel Moura, Software Engineer

Marcel is a problem solver with 20 years of experience in the software industry, having played important roles as a Software Engineer, Architect, and Team Leader in cutting-edge projects during his career, most of which, focused on embedded systems, cryptography, and cybersecurity.

Having previously worked in startups and being an entrepreneur himself, he brings valuable experience in navigating the technical challenges raised by ever-changing goals and unexpected problems that can happen during the development of new products in a frantic environment.

“Cartesi fits perfectly with my growing interest in the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem as well as with my desire to keep working in a team full of like-minded individuals to create meaningful, scalable, and sustainable products the right way.”

Marcelo Politzer, Software Engineer

Marcelo has over 8 years of experience in companies such as GIGA PUC-Rio, CUJO AI, and Ring-0 Networks. He has worked as a software engineer on embedded systems, firewalls, and networking, mostly in C, Lua, and eBPF.

With a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree both in computer science from PUC-Rio, he explored some of the issues related to 3D audio spatialization and real-time systems in his dissertation. He is most interested in when the software meets the hardware.

“I wanted to join Cartesi after reading the whitepaper, with Ideas that I can stand behind by people that I want to work with.”

Victor Nogueira, Software Engineer

Victor is a software engineer with experience in several areas, ranging from mobile development (Apple Developer Academy) to embedded systems programming at CUJO AI, where he helped to extend Linux’s Netfilter with Lua.

Victor has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at PUC-Rio, where he worked extending Linux’s XDP (eXpress Data Path) to enable the execution of Lua scripts inside it. Currently, Victor is pursuing an MSc in computer science, focusing on programming languages.

“Joining Cartesi is a great opportunity to learn and understand this new crypto world. I believe that this new world has a great number of challenges yet to be explored. Hope I can approach them from the programming language perspective.”

Maximilian Hatesuer, Business Development Manager

Max has a BSc in International Business Administration and an MSc in Innovations Management from the Rotterdam School of Management. Previously, he worked in Business Transformation at Philips.

Max has been fascinated by the blockchain space since 2017. He wrote his Master’s thesis about blockchain-driven business models in the energy industry and has been researching and publishing content about the space on He recently participated in Kernel Block III and has been contributing to DAOs in the space.

“I am convinced that the infrastructure that runs our society and lives needs to be distributed. I am psyched to join Cartesi in making this a reality by taking this technology mainstream.”

Payal Patel, Executive Assistant

Payal has over 18 years of experience from across the globe, working with multiple companies and startups in different industries. The operational roles she has worked in include the UK Government, The National Health Service to multiple startups. This has enabled her to gain traction across a range of different sectors and have a diverse understanding of scaling start-ups.

Born and brought up in the UK, Payal relocated to India 6 years ago to follow her dream of living in a country so amazing and diverse. Payal developed a keen interest in Blockchain and the world of crypto which she finds extremely exciting, considering this to be even more prevalent as time goes on. She is hugely excited to be a part of this growing space.

“I wanted to join the Cartesi team to be a part of the blockchain/crypto evolution with the impressive work being done by a hugely talented and passionate team. The journey of Cartesi is hugely inspiring and what could be better to add value to the continued evolving journey.”

We look forward to growing the Cartesi team with Jesseca, Karmen, Enderson, Lourival, Marcel, Marcelo, Victor, Maximilian, and Payal in what has been an amazing year of growth so far. With bigger things yet to come, we cannot wait to see how their new perspectives and ideas will come to shape the future of Cartesi moving forward.

Cartesi is a multi-chain layer-2 infrastructure that allows any software developer to create smart contracts with mainstream software tools and languages they are used to while achieving massive scalability and low costs. Cartesi combines a groundbreaking virtual machine, optimistic rollups and side-chains to revolutionize the way developers create blockchain applications.

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