Posted 7 days ago | by Catoshi Nakamoto

Nathalie Brähler, Marko Atanasievski, Arnaldo Pereira, & Alex Mikhalevich

Welcome to Cartesi HQ

Nathalie Brähler, Head of Marketing

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“When I first read about Cartesi I understood: this is it. This is the transition we have been waiting for!”

Marko Atanasievski, Senior Software Engineer

0*SFLwis9bGtlvQdsD Welcome to Cartesi HQ

“I joined Cartesi because it made me believe again that making scalable real world applications with Ethereum is possible.”

Arnaldo Pereira, Senior Software Engineer

0* Welcome to Cartesi HQ

“I believe there’s too much potential on decentralized applications. Cartesi has the skills and ambition to turn that potential into reality and has already addressed some of the most fundamental problems, showing a unique perspective on how to approach them. The team’s passion and talent catches my eyes.”

Alex Mikhalevich, Software Engineer

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“I joined Cartesi because it allowed me to apply my cybersecurity knowledge in an ever-evolving and truly exciting field, that of blockchain technology and distributed systems.”

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