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While the rest of the world rings in a new year1, Dubai is preparing to ring in a whole new era. Yep, the United Arab Emirates city best-known for its eight-hundred-and-thirty meter Burj Khalifa tower, and skyscraper-filled skyline is taking another big step toward becoming known not only as a crypto-friendly city, but as one of the top crypto jurisdictions in the world. Several cities have become front-runners in crypto adoption. Some that come to mind are Miami, making headlines with paychecks received in crypto, and the of Miamicoin. Of Course we can’t forget El Salvador, the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, and its ambitions to build Bitcoin City. All the while, Dubai has been a quiet leader in crypto adoption for a while now, already incorporating blockchain technology into its government, with plans to become more efficient, and save money on document processing and paper pushing by using a leger. Dubai is already a global player for innovative world commerce, and seeing it adopt crypto assets in such a meaningful way is great news for crypto regulation, and for adoption. New year, new Dubai.

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