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WarnerMedia Embraces Blockchain Gaming – More Developers Likely to Adopt Blockchain

Blockchain gaming is on track to become one of the hottest trends this year as interest in the sector is growing. WarnerMedia, a multinational media and entertainment giant, is taking the leap into the blockchain gaming industry through its subsidiary, Turner Sports.

Turner Sports is the media company that owns sports broadcasting on TBS, TNT, and TruTV channels – and it recently launched “Blocklete Games” - a platform where players could collect, train, level up combat for their digital athletes as well as trade new athletes while gaining cash rewards.

These services are powered up through the development of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, which are legitimately original, despite being provided under the same requirements as other tokens of their type.

Turner Sports is Hot for Blockchain Gaming

Blocklete Games' in-game players are called "Blockletes” – and they can be purchased and sold through the open marketing network of the gaming brand.

A Blocklete has an unique signature that guarantees that each player is a special player, thanks to the status they have as Ethereum token.

The announcement also brings the introduction of "Blocklete Golf," Turner Sports' first game on the platform. The virtual game has NFT-powered "Blockletes" golfers offerings.

New Ways to Reach a Global Gaming Community

Remarking the company's interest in the blockchain gaming ecosystem, Yang Adija, Vice President of business operations & strategy at Turner Sports, commented,

“With Blocklete Games, we see a transformational opportunity to give fans more control over the video gaming experience by reversing the conventional power dynamic between player and publisher. Our service leverages the blockchain such that anyone can play personalized sports games with their friends, with the potential to also generate a return on their investment in the game.”

In a separate statement, WarnerMedia's Turner Sports revealed that the media company formed a partnership with BitPay, allowing consumers to use Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), XRP, ETH, and other four dollar-pegged stablecoins (which will be released shortly), to buy Blockletes and Blocklete collectibles.

NFTs are Here to Stay

According to Craig Russo's statement, director of innovation at Polyient Games, the NFT market has been one of the most lucrative areas for digital assets.

NFT tokens provide a solution to record the value of digital assets as well as the relationship with other types of information on the blockchain platform., creating a unique and indivisible ownership.

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