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America’s largest grocer and retailer — Walmart — is seeking a cryptocurrency product lead, according to a job ad posted on popular career social site LinkedIn and on its own website as well.

AdobeStock 283637207 Editorial Use Only Walmart Is Seeking A Cryptocurrency Product Lead Following In Amazon's Footsteps According To Job Ad

The company is “seeking a visionary leader” to fill its digital currency and cryptocurrency product lead vacancy. The job applicant would work on creating a digital currency strategy for the Walton-owned brand.

“You will be responsible for developing the Digital Currency strategy and product roadmap,” the ad reads “As an expert in Digital Currencies/ Cryptocurrency and Blockchain related technologies, you will drive the vision for the product and capabilities roadmap.”

The applicant would further ” identify crypto-related investment and partnerships,” the ad continues.

Job applicants would have to relocate or live in Bentonville, Arkansas, the headquarters of Walmart.

It’s unknown what products the digital currency product lead would help develop. However, the company hints that it already offers its customers a “broad set of payment options for its customers.”

It’s assumed that Walmart would begin accepting digital assets for its check-out option much like Amazon that is seeking a “payments team member” who is a digital currency and blockchain expert as Bitboy Crypto previously reported.

Amazon eventually denied reports that it would accept Bitcoin as a form of payment after City A.M released an insider report from an anonymous source which Bitboy Crypto covered at the time.

There have been long-standing rumors that both Amazon and Walmart have added Bitcoin to their balance sheets. However, this has been nothing more than unsustainable hearsay without any substance. Although, much like Square choosing to enter the crypto space, in order to stay in competition, Paypal had to enter. We are witnessing the same thing repeat between both shopping giants. With Amazon reportedly entering crypto as per its own job ad, Walmart and other smaller retailers won’t be far behind to do the same.

This may also be why Amazon would deny having its crypto operations ready to roll out, as they don’t want the competition to know how far along they actually are. Of course, there is also the possibility that the obscure business newspaper City A.M. that leaked further information on the Amazon deal was lying. Even if this were the case, though, it wouldn’t matter as the Jeff Bezos-owned company has posted its own job ad looking to hire a cryptocurrency and blockchain specialist.

So that means it’s a matter of time and when Amazon will jump into the cryptocurrency market no longer mere speculation. Now with Walmart hot on its heels, Amazon could choose to accelerate its foray into the digital asset market. There is no question, we are in the beginning phases of mass adoption. Yet if you are in the digital asset markets right now, you are still considered an early adopter as we are at the same point where the internet was in the 1990s, right before the big boom when the masses started using it.

Similar to Amazon, Walmart has yet to integrate digital assets into its platform focusing on logistics such as supply chain tracking for both food and drugs. Walmart’s interest in blockchain technology is well-documented the company has also applied for a U.S. patent on a blockchain-based marketplace going all the way back to 2018. Other Walmart filings include a “Smart Package” system to track packages and an application for “smart appliances” that utilize blockchain technology.

Bitcoin is currently trading at [FIAT: $47,460.84] UP +2.9% in the last 24 hours, according to Coingecko at the time of this report.

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