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🚨ATTENTION Cardano Holders🚨 (Huge ADA Ecosystem Boost TODAY!)

After years of waiting, we are finally seeing the first major DEX launch on Cardano and the market has been reacting in a very strong way. The price of ADA has been rallying this week as the rest of the market has been struggling. Cardano’s day is finally here and that day is…Sunday….SWAP.

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BEST Crypto Safety Guide 101 (Keep Your $$ SAFE with Passphrases)

If you have just started your crypto journey or maybe just crypto curious there is a phrase you’re going to hear it all the time: not your keys, not your crypto. All cryptocurrency has a public address that can be shared with anyone for receiving crypto; and a private key that gives access to move funds OUT of your digital wallet; THAT should never be shared. Proper use of seed phrases and passphrases can help secure private keys. What is a passphrase though, and how do I create one? How do passphrases fit in with seed phrases? If you’re asking this question about your own portfolio security, you’ve come to the right place.

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UNBELIEVABLE Crypto Returns CRUSH Banks by 2500%! (MIND-BLOWING ROI)

Let’s be real. If you walk into your local bank to make a new account and you ask them about their interest rates…you’re about to have a pretty sad conversation. You would think that the banks would want to give you a real incentive to choose them over their competitors, right? Wrong. Unfortunately for us, they won’t even give us 1%. Many banks these days are offering a “high yield” savings account for the grand total of 0.5% APY. This means, if you were to deposit one thousand dollars into one of these “high yield” bank accounts and didn’t spend a penny for an entire year, you will make staggering 5 dollars. Oh hang on BENS HOLD UP HIS CELL PHONE. Inflation is at least 7%? Ok so you actually lost $65. This is not sustainable or fair and it’s why crypto is well on its way to changing the face of finance forever. When that happens, the banks will be the first ones to go. One thousand dollars has much more financial leverage than you think, but you have to look outside of the box of the legacy system for that to be true. There’s an array of crypto lending/ borrowing platforms you could use to outperform the banks, but today, we’re going to focus in on the high interest rate accounts available NOW using crypto.

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Secret Bitcoin Cycle REVEALED (Outsmart the Government)

My fellow Americans, today I am here to inform the American people, that investing in Bitcoin and other crypto assets is a game of speculation. It’s a statistical escapade of attempting to identify patterns, trends and tendencies. Once you develop an “edge”, you use these patterns to your and make life-changing gains. My question is: is there a pattern or correlation between Bitcoin and who gets chosen to sit in the oval office? Time to lock up the ballot box and shuffle through the house of cards.

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