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Hottest NFT Altcoin (No Gas Fees on this NFT blockchain)

NFTs are more popular than ever, and new people are getting into crypto every day just so they can purchase NFTs or play games involving NFTs. Mass adoption is happening, but many of these new users who are being onboarded into this ecosystem are instantly intimidated and turned off by the high fees and difficult user experience. The high transaction fees also prevent artists and developers from releasing products that are only a few dollars, which cuts a lot of people out of the market. These types of challenges are common with new technologies, but we are finally starting to see some viable solutions to these problems, which will make NFT trading even more accessible to the average person.

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Top 3 Mobile Wallets (PROTECT Your Crypto Gains)

The oldest wallet ever discovered belonged to Otzi, a man who lived in Austria in the year 3300 BC and it was made out of a goat skin … and sadly it was empty when scientists found him in the year 1991. But if Otzi was alive today I’m certain he would be a crypto degen in this modern world. You know why? Because he hunted BEARS. Just look at his outfit. Savage. But Otzi would need a new way to carry his coins and in this video we’re going to go over the best mobile crypto wallets available.

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Sleeper Mid Cap Gems (AltCoins Set For New All Time Highs)

Altcoins are leaving old man Bitcoin behind and the past few weeks have been explosive for some projects that seemingly came out of nowhere. But where is the next alt coin that has price potential? It’s not some fly by night project unlisted project. No no – like American Pickers, here on Bitboy crypto we find the deals. There is a time and a place to consider picking up some low cap gems, but the perfect risk to reward balance is finding a mid cap coin that has room to grow. There are solid tokens out there whos market caps are still under a billion dollars, way out side of the top 100. And some of them have been around for a while.

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Is Bitcoin Losing The Battle? (CRITICAL Moment for Digital Gold Crypto)

It’s been a crazy week in crypto, and let’s face it: a tough time for the Bitcoin Maxi Brigade. Why? Well, just as they were celebrating Bitcoin day – YAY, BITCOIN DAY!!! This happened**. The financial cartel stepped in. Mass liquidations. Fear and panic everywhere. Or was it? Because while history would tell us that Bitcoin Dominance should spike as people rush to protect their capital, it didn’t**. The altcoins had other ideas. Specifically, layer ones. And that’s because crypto is in the grip of layer 1 mania right now. Solana, Fantom, Cosmos, AVAX, Elrond and even Algorand are all waking up in a serious way.

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