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VeChain Provides Services to China as Food Safety Alliance Member

The VeChain Foundation is now a council member of the China Animal Health And Food Safety Alliance. VeChain Foundation told media recently that it is, "the sole public blockchain technology provider in the alliance" and aims to provide technical and network support across China.

The alliance is composed of more than 130 firms, with Chinese subsidiaries of Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Walmart on the list.

Designed to enhance supply chain management and business process, VeChain is reported to have incorporated its first alliance member as an user of his "ToolChain" product and looked for more members to join.

However, no information about which alliance Member or the scope of the relationship were revealed in the announcement.

VeChain Can Help Chinese Food Safety

The Food Trust Traceability Program currently operates under the China Animal Health and Food Safety Alliance (CAFA).

In June, Cargill, a US poultry manufacturer, disclosed that "Chicken 2.0" was monitored in China via the CAFA platform through QR codes to notify consumers of the "the hatchery, farm, production and environment data, certifications and test reports."

VeChain indicated that it plans to use ToolChain system to promote CAFA "building a from-farm-to-table traceability system" across China via the existing structure of the Food Trust.

VeChain explained,

“All enterprise members of the alliance will be capable of logging key processes of food products onto the blockchain in an immutable and secured way, bridging trust between consumers and the enterprises. Traceability can start from cultivation, processing, packaging, logistics, to retail and more...By powering traceability platforms for alliances such as CAFA and other similar partners, the VeChainThor blockchain would be used by hundreds and thousands of businesses without needing VeChain to approach them individually.”

Creating Better Food Supply Chains

VeChain Foundation's approach targets to become the world's best service providers, commodity distributors and global specialists into its platform ecosystem.

The power and flexibility of blockchain allows the company to design tailor-made solutions that help businesses overcome the challenges.

VeChain has partnered with well-known names in China like Walmart China, car brands BMW and BYD Auto, whitegoods firm Haier, multinational clothing company H&M, auditing and consulting firm PwC as well as accredited registrar DNV GL.

Proof of Authority (PoA) is the platform's key protocol, which offers speedy and inexpensive transactions at the expense of decentralization with only 101 authority nodes. VeChainStats estimated that VeChain Thor mainnet had more than 150,000 data clauses on September 16, with a turnover of VET 64.3 billion.

The VeChain ecosystem is off to a good start – and may be able to help food producers everywhere ensure that their products are brought to marker in the safest ways possible.

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