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US Department of Homeland Security – BeagleBoyz are Back!

US financial institutions and global crypto exchanges are facing a new threat from the resurgence of BeagleBoyz, a notorious North Korean hacking group.

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just sent security warnings of high degree of threat and the country should pay attention to the messages issued.

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become increasingly valuable, exchanges are a lucrative target for hackers. Leaving large assets on exchanges is not a smart way to hold and protect an investors’ assets.

The BeagleBoyz are Back on the Street

A warning from the United States DHS, the FBI, US Cyber Command, and the Department of the Treasury stated that revival of the hacking group Beagle Boyz, supported by North Korea, is probably happening right now.

Over the last few years the Hackers were not as involved as the infamous Lazarus Group – another group of hackers from outside of the USA.

COPPERHEDGE is the target tool for the BeagleBoyz’s plan this time. It’s a remote access device that sophisticated malware groups use to hack crypto-exchanges. The tool can execute commands on affected systems and filter stolen data.

Real Threats for Investors

In a conversation with media, Erich Kron, KnowBe4’s security awareness advocate stated that for this resurgence, the gang has prepared with the intent to attack ATMs as well as exchanges.

Erich commented,

“The ATM cash out schemes are interesting, as they are often well organized and can include many accomplices around the world working together to make large withdrawals simultaneously.”

Malware deliverers easily spread malware and infect devices and networks through a variety of means in pretty basic manner.

Erich explained,

“The use of phishing emails and LinkedIn connections demonstrate how the initial attacks are often done using low-tech social engineering schemes, then move into more high-tech techniques once in the network.”

The report published by F-Secure, the Finnish cybersecurity and privacy company also indicated that a crypto-related job advert on LinkedIn is the point where Lazarus Group raised its latest attack.

Be careful out there, and don't believe everything that your hear or read. Social engineering relies on your trust, so think twice before you share information or act on someone else's behalf.

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