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Unstoppable Domains Rolls Out a New Decentralized Chat Protocol

The Tim Draper-backed startup focused on blockchain-based uncensorable websites, Unstoppable Domains, has announced the launch of a decentralized chat protocol.

Unstoppable Domains allows users to simplify crypto payments, facilitate integration with blockchain platforms, and protect your website from censorship. If you want to use Unstoppable Domains to create your blockchain-based website and protect your privacy when chatting, make sure to click here.

A Decentralized Chat Brings Privacy to its Users

Called Unstoppable Chat, or dChat, the new protocol was born out of Mozilla’s "Fix the Internet" incubator program which invests in projects designed around web technology with a focus on privacy and innovation.

Dchat functions by integrating cryptocurrency wallets and a peer-to-peer (P2P) storage network to promote confidentiality.
What sets Dchat apart from mainstream messenger services like Facebook or Tinder, allow a user's messages can be read by third parties, affecting the privacy of their users.

On the other hand, Dchat allows users to truly own, encrypt, and store their messages on their servers effectively improving the user's control over the data, according to the company’s co-founder Matthew Gould.

Users Require an Ethereum Wallet Private Key to Log in

The integration of dChat with a user’s cryptocurrency wallet and P2P networks offers users full control over their messages.

As users can only log in to the new chat by using an Ethereum wallet private key, the access is secure do to the use of the Blockchain network.

According to Brad Kam, co-founder of Unstoppable Domains, while users of the platform will be enjoying maximum privacy as a result of the integration with their crypto wallet, they will also be able to create a separate wallet for increasing privacy.

“You must use an Ethereum wallet private key. That is what guarantees that no one can access the chat other than you. If you’re concerned about privacy, then create a wallet just to store your domain. You can remain pseudo-anonymous”, said Mr. Kam.

The chat protocol will be available exclusively for browsers once it launches and mobile apps will be following soon after.

The company also informed that other crypto wallet services such as MyEtherWallet and imToken, have already confirmed their intention to support dChat and launch their apps using the dChat protocol shortly.

Data Security is Essential to the Protocol

According to Unstoppable Domains, dChat is designed to allow users to securely store their messages and data while allowing users to access and delete their chats, giving them full control over their data.

Mr. Kam also referred to the protocol’s ability to prevent any intervention without the need for manual moderation or monitoring:

"There is no way for a company to stop usage at the protocol layer. That is by design. It is the only way to have a safe system. Apps can of course continue to prevent users from using their apps. The difference is that getting kicked off an app doesn’t cause the user to lose access to their account and their messages. They can use them in different apps”

Although the new chat protocol is expected to provide numerous privacy benefits, it raises a discussion around how it might affect people focusing on anti-terrorism efforts and other illicit content on the internet.

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