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Unstoppable Domains Partners with MyEtherWallet (MEW) and Switcheo

According to a recent press release, Ethereum's third-party wallet app MyEtherWallet or MEW has inked a partnership deal with Unstoppable Domains, a leading blockchain internet domain platform. The partnership allows MEW to be able to offer .crypto domains to its over one million monthly active users.

The perceived technical nature of crypto transactions is cited as a major stumbling block for a more broad-based utilization of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. The .crypto domains open up possibilities for mainstream adoption of virtual currencies as human-readable cryptocurrency addresses can become possible.

If you are interested in what Unstoppable Domains is up to, please click right here. It is a very interesting company, and its foundation in blockchain makes anything hosted via its .crypto technology far harder to be taken from the public.

Unstoppable Domains is Expanding its Reach

Copying and pasting crypto wallet text is cumbersome, and it also creates room for costly mistakes. This process is an attack vector for clipboard attacks. The .crypto domain registry allows people to easily connect cryptocurrency addresses by the .crypto domain and removes a lot of hassle and risk from the equation.

Brian Norton, MEW COO, commented on the importance of the collaboration:

“MyEtherWallet has long served as a portal to the world of DeFi through DApps like MakerDAO and Aave. As an Unstoppable Domains .crypto registrar, we are also giving users an easy option for engaging with the decentralized web.”

According to Brad Kam, co-founder of Unstoppable Domains, the collaboration with MEW opens up the way for wallets to become more than crypto storage apps, .crypto domains supports wallets that allow cryptocurrency users to access products and services in the broader blockchain technology space.

New Ways to Make Connections Online

The roll-out of .crypto domains to one million monthly active MEW users could also be a positive development for ensuring robust censorship-resistance on the internet.

Websites cannot be seized by the authorities and require no pre-approval from organizations like the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN if they are hosted on blockchain domains such as .crypto.

Switcheo has also partnered with Unstoppable Domains to host on the IPFS peer-to-peer distributed file storage platform, to add an extra layer of tamper-resistance.

IPFS or InterPlanetary File System is not only interoperable with smart contracts and blockchain data but also aims to address the current constraints of centralized client-servers and the modern HTTP protocol.

IPFS shares stored information on multiple nodes, eliminating the ability for particular users to access its services or removing issues of centralized entities shutting down servers.

Switcheo said that everyone in the world can access without any restrictions by hosting its exchange on IPFS. Users must install the Unstoppable Domains Google Chrome extension or the Opera mobile app and visit Switcheo.Crypto to access Switcheo Exchange via IPFS.

To get going with Unstoppable Domains, please click right here. It is an incredible technology, and will likely grow more popular as crypto usage expands, and people become more aware of how important a free internet is for everyone.

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