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Unstoppable Domains Introduces Email Feature

Unstoppable Domains has announced the launch of its latest feature aimed to facilitate communications in the crypto ecosystem: Unstoppable email.

This new feature comes months after the launch of a decentralized chat protocol, as the company continues its efforts to offer more decentralized services to harvest the potential of blockchain technology. To take your crypto experience to the next level, make sure to click here.

An Email Service Built on Ethereum

This addition will allow users who own a .crypto domain to send an email signed by the Ethereum private key that powers it. This will enable a higher degree of encryption and trust in the sender’s identity.

While the email service is not decentralized and is offered via ETHMail Webmail, it is sure to open new doors for the use of blockchain technology by communication platforms.

While the Unstoppable Domains team announced the launch of the service a few months ago, the service had yet not been made available to users.

To run the new feature, users simply need to go find out the new Mail item in the “My App” section. Clicking on it will take them to the email management dashboard, which resembles a traditional email’s UI.

ETHMail is Just the Beginning

In a statement to Bitboy Crypto, the co-founder of Unstoppable Domains, Bradley Kam,stated that the team will be implementing more features for ETHMail in the future:

"We’re committed to continuing the development of a complete toolset for navigating the decentralized web. In addition to our censorship-resistant domains that serve both as a website name and a destination for crypto funds, users can now receive emails to their address through the ETH Mail service.”

While the service is currently free and accessible to anyone, even those who do not possess a .crypto domain, Unstoppable Domain users will have extra benefits by being able to associate their email to their personal crypto address. Mr. Kam added on this regard by saying:

“ETHMail is currently a great way to reach users you may not otherwise have contact info for without having to know anything more than their domain name.  We expect for more advanced versions of .crypto email to be launched in the future that improve upon security and usability to blockchain users."

Unstoppable Domains has been gaining popularity after the integration of its services with various popular crypto exchanges such as OKCoin, Gemini, and Coinbase.

How Do ETHMail works?

ETHMail is a collection of standard technologies, including SMTP/IMAP, RoundCube,  and as SSO/Identity provider. Excepting for ENS/UnstoppableDomain name resolution, there are no other blockchain components so far.

While the project itself is not entirely open-source at this time, it is planned for the code to be released as the project advances. Despite this, most of the components used in ETHMail are open source, including Postfix, Dovecot, and RoundCube.

The community is also able to participate in the development of the project already by reporting issues and sharing their feedback on the project’s  GitHub page.

About Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is San Francisco-based company built on blockchain which allows easy access to the decentralized web.

Its users can view a decentralized website by typing a .crypto domain which works like typing a .com, as well as receiving payments without the need of a traditional cryptographic key.

Users can also store and share websites with a p2p network that no one person or company controls with the click of a button, getting complete control over their content and preventing censorship.

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