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TradingView: A Charting Platform for Beginners and Active Traders

As more people start investing in Cryptocurrencies, trading tools that facilitate the investing process for beginners have become more important than ever. TradingView is such a tool.

To take advantage of all the features that TradingView has to offer you to improve your trading and find new investment opportunities, make sure to click here.

TradingView is a Valuable Tool

TradingView is a cloud-based charting and analysis platform that offers users professional commercial data feed on stocks, futures, all major indexes, forex, cryptos, and CFDs while premium data on parameters such as prices, volume, and history is directly taken from the 50-plus U.S. and international exchanges.

The platform also offers fundamental data on U.S. companies, global economic data, and timezone options as well as on earnings, splits, and dividends. Users can share trade ideas through the company’s social networking options regarding predictions, market analyses, or trade set-ups based on concrete market conditions.

Users can access the platform from anywhere with a computer or mobile device, making it one of the best options due to its power and flexibility.

Different Options to Suit Different Needs

With several packages, it is easy for users to select the one that better suits their needs, with a wider range of features, from simple line and area charts to volume-based Renko and Kagi charts, spread charts, multiple chart layouts with up to 8 charts in each browser tab, over 50 drawing tools, multiple symbols, and comparison of an instrument with another one or with an index.

Server-side alerts will notify users when a financial asset or market meets their custom criteria via visual pop-ups, audio signals, text messages, and email alerts.

There are also over 100 pre-built technical analysis studies and Pine programming language that allows users to create and share their custom studies and signals, with other tools like enhanced watchlists supporting users to quick access to symbols and hotlists.

Beginner Traders can use TradingView to obtain trading ideas, strategies, and analytics at no cost, while also benefiting from paper trading that helps them practice their trading strategies without the risk of losing money.

Moreover, TradingView is a better choice for a visual thinker and active traders by its advanced charting features, stock screeners, server-side alerts, and more.

Pay for What You Need

Users can create a free account consisting of basic services, such as 1 chart per layout, 3 indicators per chart, saved chart layouts, and more.

Paid account options include Pro, Pro+, and Premium. The Pro plan costs $9.95 per month paid every 2 years, $12.95 paid every year, and $14.95 paid every month. The Pro+ costs $19.95, $24.95 and $29.95, respectively.

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