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When investing in crypto assets, everyone is always searching for the best possible strategies to maximize their efforts by capitalizing on the charts that are headed in the right direction. Yes, a good portion of your portfolio should be invested in top 20 coins, but a great way to make solid, consistent gains in crypto is to not only focus your energy on the larger cap coins, but also focus on the smaller cap coins in the eco systems of the big hitters. This strategy is the bread and butter for many professional traders and it makes complete sense. Why? If you invest $500 dollars into a coin with a thirty billion dollar market cap, another thirty BILLION dollars has to go into that market cap for you to double that investment. Things like this don’t happen over night and if you want to try to make some faster gains, it’s best to look for coins with smaller market caps that have a legitimate use case for the eco system they’re in. Yes, smaller cap coins can be riskier and more volatile, but when you pick a coin that’s in the same family as a top 20 coin, the price action is much more predictable based off the price action of the larger coin. Whenever you see something like DOT, AVAX or SOL pumping, go straight to the eco systems and try to find the projects that haven’t caught up yet. This is how smart money makes money. Today we’re going to take a dive into several eco-systems to help YOU make some serious gains.

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