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The Best Bitcoin & Crypto Podcasts

Top 9 Bitcoin and Blockchain Podcasts

It is hard to ignore how powerful podcasts are getting in the media arena. While there are loads of people talking online, a select few blockchain and bitcoin themed podcasts deliver a lot of relevant information without loads of fluff.

Here is a list of some of the best blockchain and bitcoin podcasts out there today. Be sure to check out the first podcast on the list. Beards & Bitcoin might be a new podcast, but the two hosts bring a ton of industry knowledge to the table!


1 Beards & Bitcoin Podcast

With the slogan “The crypto podcasts for man’s man and the women who love them”, two men stand out as different from the crowd are together and delivering amazing content.

Beards & Bitcoins is hosted by Bitboy and Jchains. Both hosts were voted “Least Nerdy” in high school and “Most likely to have a better than Mediocre podcast”.

BitBoy & JChains like regular things that regular dudes love. You can hear discussions about snack food, football, motorcycles, barbecue, beards and more are just as likely to come up as the latest price spike in the bitcoin market. A listener favorite is the weekly "Manspreading" segment where they put crypto to the side and just talk dude stuff.

This is one of the most informative crypto podcasts out there, but it also is extremely entertaining. So come sit down in the parlor and take a listen.

2 What Bitcoin Did Podcast

Launched in November of 2017, the What Bitcoin Did Podcast is a twice-weekly Bitcoin podcast where host Peter McCormack interviews experts in the world of Bitcoin development, privacy, investment, and adoption.

The podcast has grown to over 100 episodes, and it is a testament to the diversity of knowledge and opinions that represent the Bitcoin community. Individual podcast episodes that have focused on engaging and accessible conversations with some of the industry’s most influential minds or interviews with multiple individuals.

What Bitcoin Did is also unique in the Bitcoin Podcast space which completely transparent regarding the show’s income, expenses, and profit. Have a listen if you want to know more about cryptos.

3 Rekt Podcast

The Rekt Podcast was launched in 2018, and it is a cryptocurrency podcast hosted by Bunchu Bets, Crypto Chamber. The co-hosts discuss Bitcoin, Ethereum, & other altcoins. The show aims to be informative, funny, and Rekt.

You can always count on Bunchu & Chamber to have you in stitches as they joke about every corner of the crypto space. They have some of the best interviews of all crypto podcasts & are known for asking funny questions to ever some of the biggest guests. Along with crypto, the guys also discuss movies, video games, snack foods, & much more.

4 Crypto Entrepreneurs Podcast

The Crypto Entrepreneurs Podcast is hosted by popular digital currency advocate Crypto Charles, who is known for his sharp analytical skills that make use of a wide variety of statistical data and technical information.

The show discusses how to create a wide variety of crypto businesses and how to become a profitable trader a well. Charles has interviewed quite a few prominent tech personalities over the years and his show is considered to be one of the best in this space.

5The Bad Crypto Podcast

The Bad Crypto Podcast was established in mid 2017 by the two hosts, Joel Comm and Travis Wright. It them just six months to release their 100th episode and 12 months to reach the 200 episode mark, and also produce blog to go along with the podcast.

Joel and Travis are known as crypto experts, who have a light-hearted approach to discussing the current issues in the world of crypto, explaining complex crypto-related concepts to their listeners and making their show accessible for beginners.

It is a podcast for you to listen to in your car on the way to work, or anytime you want to be entertained and informed!

6Off the Chain with Anthony Pompliano

Off The Chain with Anthony Pompliano is one of the most popular crypto newsletters with tens of thousands of subscribers. It is a podcast that delves deep into issues related to digital currencies.

Anthony Pompliano is one of the biggest and most popular names within the world of crypto and the host of the show. Pompliano is also the founder of and a partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets, a fund focused on digital assets.

Pompliano's experience helps the show focus on investment, and also give the newsletter a wide scope. There is a range of cryptocurrency and blockchain talk that covers exchanges, assets, securities, tokens, trading, and much more.

7 Unchained Podcast

The Unchained Podcast was started in 2016 and hosted by Laura Shin, who previously as a senior editor for Forbes and was one of the first mainstream journalists to cover crypto/blockchain-related technologies in depth.

The thing makes Shin’s podcast stand out is her ability to have a balanced conversation with her guests and ask them the right questions. Shin left Forbes and focused on the podcast full-time, which allowed her to release new content more frequently.

If you want to get a look at the world of cryptos and blockchain from the perspective of an accomplished journalist, have a listen!

8 The Bitcoin Podcast

The Bitcoin Podcast went live with its first episode in May 2015, and was one of the first crypto podcasts that became popular with a wide listening audience.

The Bitcoin Podcast deals with all sorts of topics related to the world of crypto and the episodes take a long-form approach to interesting subjects. The average episode length is over an hour. The show invites guests from many different backgrounds and provides plenty of variation between episodes.

The Bitcoin Podcast is becoming one of the most trusted sources for BTC or crypto-related information on the internet today, and here have been more than 140 episodes aired online sp far.

9 Epicenter Podcast

The epicenter is hosted by Brian Fabian Crain, Sebastien Couture, and Meher Roy. It is a widely followed podcast that deals with interesting topics.

The podcast has a back catalog of more than 250 episodes and is a weekly podcast that aims to provide altcoin enthusiasts with a host of in-depth discussions regarding things like:

-Upcoming/existing blockchain projects

-Recent crypto-related developments, new ideas, etc.

The show has been able to amass quite a significant following over the past couple of years and some of the brightest minds within this space have appeared as guests on the show. If you want a cutting-edge look at the world of blockchain, have a listen!




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