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Over this past year, we have finally started to see the very beginning of mass adoption for crypto and blockchain technology, and the pace of adoption is only going to accelerate from here. Crypto assets and businesses are now becoming more visible in the mainstream, and the masses are beginning to see how this technology can improve their lives. is one of the businesses leading the way, and is quickly positioning itself to be a household name by offering innovative services and waging an ambitious marketing campaign.

Let’s get it.

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In this sponsored video, I’m going to give an update on some of the new features coming to and talk about what’s been happening in this growing crypto ecosystem. If you watch sports like me, you may have noticed the name and logo displayed on the screen or somewhere around the arena. This week, announced a new partnership with the FOX television network, to be the presenting sponsor for the College Football Extra postgame show. A banner with’s logo is predominantly displayed throughout the show and they are mentioned frequently as a sponsor. Earlier this summer, also signed a major deal with the UFC, becoming the first crypto company to sponsor the organization. Now,’s logo will be placed on all UFC fight kits, and the company will have a branded presence inside the Octagon during all Pay-Per-View events.

These deals will give and the industry as a whole a ton of mainstream attention and credibility. is also making moves to be a major international player in the financial space. The company has a team of over 2,600 employees all over the world, and recently added Patrick Yoon as the new General Manager of its operations in South Korea. Yoon has an extensive history in the financial industry, including a position with Visa where he served as Country Manager of Visa Korea and Mongolia for the last 3 years.

Yoon’s addition to the team comes as over a thousand new employees are being hired to keep up with the increasing demand from a growing userbase, which is now over 10 million strong. If you are interested in getting involved and working in the industry, could be a great place to start. They are still hiring new people, just check the careers section on their website to see if there are any positions you can handle. You don’t necessarily need to know how to program smart contracts either, there are positions available in areas like marketing and sales that don’t require a background in coding.

In Q2 of this year, the app was ranked among the top 10 finance apps in both the App Store and Google Play. If you use the app for trading this month, you could be entered to win a share of a 50 thousand dollar prize pool. Anyone who trades at least 100 dollars in USDC will be entered to win the drawing, but there will be other opportunities for traders too. The first 500 users to trade at least 100 dollars in USDC during the contest period will win 40 USDC each, and the top 400 users ranked by USDC deposit volume will win up to 1,000 USDC.’s exchange has an excellent selection of the top coins in the market as well as lending services where you can earn up to 12% interest on your crypto, or up to 14% on stablecoins. is more than just an exchange though, it offers a wide variety of different financial services and will soon be launching its own EVM compatible blockchain called “Chronos.” This is in addition to the already operational chain that processes payments. Chronos is scheduled to launch its mainnet on October 19th, which will allow developers to start building dapps like DeFi platforms. This open-source blockchain is interoperable with other networks and can handle the high demand that the industry is currently facing. Projects that build on Chronos will have access to a one million dollar grant from the CRO EVM fund. That’s one million dollars per project! Developers also have the advantage of tapping into’s already existing userbase of 10 million people.

You are now able to buy and sell NFTs through the app and website, and the new platform is hosting special drops that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Even big name celebrities like Snoop Dogg have jumped onboard to launch their NFTs on’s network. Many of the popular auction sites that run on Ethereum have excessive fees that can be hundreds of dollars for just one purchase, and users are not able to transact in US dollars, which many newcomers may find intimidating. With’s NFT marketplace, users are able to buy NFTs with cheap and seamless transactions, and they can also pay with USD or crypto assets from their account if they wish. This will open up NFTs to a wider audience that might not have been able to access them before. Make sure to subscribe to’s NFT mailing list so you can be the first to find out about all the upcoming drops.

One of’s most popular offerings and something I use all the time is its Visa card, which allows customers to make purchases with their crypto anywhere that Visa is accepted. For those worried about the tax implications of making purchases with crypto, or those who have concerns about losing exposure to their crypto assets, this Visa card has a program called “spending power,” which allows customers to use their exchange wallet as collateral to take out small loans to pay for their purchases. has been working very closely with Visa since the card was launched and is building a tight relationship with the legacy financial system. Earlier this year, the two companies announced another partnership that will allow Visa to accept crypto payments in the form of USDC stablecoins from

Investors can get exposure to the ecosystem through its native token CRO, which has held strong in the fact of the recent volatility that we have seen in the markets.

CRO is a utility token that is used for trading, payment, and financial services. CRO holders get discounted fees and higher earnings for lending. Visa card holders who also hold CRO will also be eligible for special rewards. Use all the tools you have at your disposal to not just make crypto gains, but also integrate crypto into your life. Adoption happens one person at a time so do little things like pulling out your card to pay for things is a great way to make crypto more visible and bring normies to the light of blockchain.

But that’s all I got. Be Blessed. Bitboy Out.

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