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TokenMetrics is Using Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence to Improve Inversions

TokenMetrics is a platform that provides reviews, price predictions, and analysis using artificial intelligence to help investors to make good decisions when it comes to investing.

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BitBoy Crypto has been using the platform in his decision making for the month with interesting results. Check out the video below if you want to know his predictions for the top coins in July.

Bitcoin’s Future is Uncertain After a Brief Drop Below $9k

Bitcoin (BTC) suffered from losses in June dropping its value by -7.92% and losing $7 million in Market Capitalization, with the current month traditionally being one of the worst months for it.

The current Covid-19 pandemic is one of the factors that could decide how BTC will end July as it has affected the market in dramatic ways when quarantines have been decreed and extended, which resulted in the cryptocurrency suffering losses in value.

With the price of BTC dropping briefly below $9k on July 2, it is unclear what will be the reaction from investors in the next day s as the drop could weaken support levels.

Nano Wants to Bring Crypto to Daily Life

Nano (NANO) a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency launched back in 2015 when it was known as RaiBlocks, is meant to work as digital currency bringing crypto to daily life.

It tries to do so by providing fee-less transactions, not being reliant on mining and being friendly to users by providing ease of use.

NANO gained 7.72% in value and around $10 million in market capitalization, which represents a gain of 17% against BTC.

Zilliqa is Running transactions in Parallel 

Zilliqa (ZIL) on the other hand, is the first public cryptocurrency to successfully utilize sharding, which enables it to divide the network into multiple groups to process transactions in parallel.

Created by academics, entrepreneurs, and engineers back in 2019 at the National University of Singapore, it is trying to bring more scalability to blockchain technology while keeping a balance between security, decentralization, and scalability.

Zill gained 3.83% in value, with a peak of 25% around the middle of the month, and a Market Cap gain of $23 million, while posting a gain of around 13% against BTC.

Horizen Wants to Revolutionize Privacy Coins

Horizen (ZEN) is a privacy coin born from the fork of ZClassic and as so, uses Zcash’s ZK-snark technology and zero-knowledge proof.

It was created around 4 pillars: privacy, security, resilience, and scalability, while providing a decentralized autonomous organization, a private messenger (or ZenChat), an anonymous publishing platform, and a tor-like domain fronting service.

ZEN posted a 5.79% gain in value as well as a market cap gain of $4 million with a huge 14.9% gain against Bitcoin.

TokenMetrics can Improve your Game

TokenMetrics was founded back in 2018 by Ian Balina to provide data-driven cryptocurrency investment research to investors using professional analysts, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

The platform includes features like portfolio tracking, price prediction, initial exchange offering (IEO) ratings, private investor webinars, and crypto market news, making it one of the most comprehensive resources out there.

It offers different plans for different types of investors, offering flexibility in getting the features you need and care about.

You can learn more about some of TokenMetrics and BitBoy Crypto’s predictions for July by making sure you watch the video.

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