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Token Metrics – A Great Platform for Crypto Investors

Token Metrics is a driven-data cryptocurrency analysis platform created to provide you with accurate information, valuable knowledge as well as the latest trends to support your investment in cryptocurrency.

Too many people jump into the water without testing it and we put our capital at-risk by investing in a cryptocurrency with very little background information.Token Metrics aims not only to fix the gap in crypto understanding, but also to simplify investment analysis.

With more information, cryptocurrency will be more appealing to a much wider range of investors.

Key Features of Token Metrics

Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Technology and Code Reviews.

It’s undeniable that the cryptocurrency industry is gaining in populatiry. But scams always come along with growth. These features from Token Metrics help you identify scams and undervalued cryptocurrencies to avoid throwing money out of the window. Moreover, real-time technical analysis will show you how the metrics of each crypto perform.

Portfolio Tracking

A full tracking feature will calculate the volatility of your investment portfolio, based on risk metrics. You can learn whether your portfolio is well structured or what you may want to change.

Price Prediction

This feature is built on Token Metrics using a deep machine learning method in predicting the price of cryptocurrencies. You’ll always keep informed about the projection's accuracy over the last 12 months.

IEO Ratings

With IEO reviews, you get an opportunity to know the top upcoming cryptocurrencies before they go live on the trading market.

Private Investor Webinars and Network

Investing on your own doesn’t mean investing alone, it’s important to connect and learn from other experts in trading and investment. That’s the reason Token Metrics offers a private investor network and webinars.

Premium Reports and Videos

Users (at least at HODLer plan) will get complete access to premium resources of videos and reports, produced by trading experts from Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

Crypto Market News

This feature is available for all pricing plans, showing investors the whole picture in real-time and developing a vision for what’s coming next.

Pricing Plans

Token Metrics comes with 4 pricing plans, including:

Basic Plan

The basic plan allows you to enroll in complete Bitcoin core technology, analysis, and code review. You can get access to full portfolio tracking and top 20 Mcap ratings and available crypto market news with this plan.

HODLer Plan

HODLer includes everything in the basic plan. Plus, you can get IEO reviews and premium news/videos from trading experts at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

Investor Plan

With the Investor Plan, users are accessible to all the features of the HODLer plan.

In addition to that, it also gives more info on the 100 top currencies and comes with early access to score ratings before they go live in the first two plans. 30 day price predictions for the 100 top currencies are an additional advantage in this plan.

Professional Plan

Professional Plan is an ultimate package for a long-term investor. You can get everything from other plans, without limits to how much the features can be used.. This plan is also equipped with private webinars and an association of experts around the world.

Take a Look a Token Metrics for More Information

Token Metrics should be attractive for any professional crypto investor, or anyone who wants to learn a lot more about cryptocurrencies. You can learn more about Token Metrics by clicking right here.

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