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Three Crypto Projects with Massive Potential to Skyrocket

Ink protocol, Somee, and Howdoo are 3 cryptocurrencies that have massive potential and are still in the early stages. You might want to learn more and figure out if these three platforms be the next big thing!

With the crypto market thriving under the last months as there is an increasing interest from mainstream media, organizations, and individuals in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, there is no better moment to invest in cryptocurrency than right.

To learn more about these projects and the information that Bitboy Crypto's has to offer about upcoming changes to the platforms, make sure to watch the latest video.

Ink protocol Wants to Revolutionize Marketplaces

Ink protocol aims at decentralizing marketplaces by establishing reputation and payment systems by havintg its token operate as an escrow that keeps transactions fair and secure between all the parties involved.

The protocol is currently being used on the Listaia market place but the coin has some big partners that include Maker, Coinbase, Morpheus network, Bancor Protocol, and ConsenSys.

The project will be a partnership with props token, which will result in XNK being swapped for Props tokens at 113 XNK per prop token.

Prop token was recently added to Coinbase custody without being listed into any exchange at that point, with the token also receiving a reg a+ status by the SEC.

Ink Protocol is powered by its toke: XNK, currently sitting at number #603 by market capitalization with $1,789,761 and a value of $0.00433734.

SoMee Aims to Give Users Control Over Their Social Media

SoMee is a decentralized social media platform that allows users to put their community members in control of their personal information, providing multiple options for content monetization through the user of blockchain.

Powered by the ONG token and a unique algorithm called “Gravity” to measure rewards and incentivize users for creating content based on their impact.

The platform also posses a multicurrency wallet supporting multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, allowing seamless transactions conveniently and easily.

The ONG coin is pre-mined which means all its supply has already being created, making it impossible to create more in the future and providing value through scarcity.

The site will be receiving an upgrade soon and while the details still haven’t publicly revealed, there are reasons to believe that they will boost the platform into wide adoption.

With privacy and freedom of speech becoming a growing concern for most netizens, this decentralized social media platform could prove to be the big next thing due to its privacy and censorship-resistant philosophies.

ONG is sitting at rank #550 with a market capitalization of $2,251,316 and a value of $0.02740317, which represents an increase of about 80% over the last days.

Howdoo: Creating a Fairer Social Media Platform

Howdoo is another decentralized media platform that aims to provide a fairer, clearer, and private alternative to traditional social media, bringing control back to users.

The platform is powered by the UDOO token, which enables users to complete financial transactions by accessing paid content, paying for advertisements, and generate passive incomes for likes and shares.

UDOO can be easily converted into Fiat currencies, exchanged, or bought by using Howdoos’s in-app wallet.
Howdoo will be receiving a rebrand including a change on the website, name, and token according to screenshots from an anonymous source.

A partnership with several influencers is also taking place with the total audience of those on board being over 350 million people, which is sure to provide an increasing interest in the project.

UDOO is currently sitting at rank #238 with a market capitalization of $14,935,923 and a value of 0.054951, an increase of 1000% in its value in the last 30 days.

The Risks of Centralized Social Media

Back on July 15th, Twitter experience one of the worst security breaches social media has seen as multiple accounts for celebrities, individuals and, organizations were compromised through the use of social engineering on employees with administrative access.

This breach resulted in scammers being able to run a crypto giveaway scam using the verified accounts of companies like Binance and Coinbase, as well as celebrities like Elon Musk and Bill gates, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of BTC being sent to the scammers.

Other companies have come under scrutiny and public criticism for not taking good care of their user’s private data, as was the case of Facebook with the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

These issues have their root on the centralized nature of the platforms as they allow for single-points of failures that can result in the system being compromised or the interests of the investors priming over its users.

This lack of trust from users is highly likely to result in an increasing interest in decentralized options as has been the case with cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance, and other blockchain applications.

To learn more about other reasons that could skyrocket these 3 coins, make sure to watch the latest video by clicking here!

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