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In partnership with Theta, Bitboy Crypto has released its first NFT collection on the Theta platform, featuring — Cupid’s Nipception, Thank You BitSquad, Ben’s Headshot, Limited Edition BitBoyCrypto Snapback, and last but not least a 3D BitMobile Art Collectible.

AdobeStock 438113012 Preview Theta Releases Bitboy Crypto NFT Collection With VIP Utilities For Fans

Each NFT holds various utility values that members of the Bitsquad can redeem. This includes a poker game with Ben Armstrong the creator of Bitboy Crypto himself, an exclusive VIP meet-up in Atlanta Georgia for the diehard Bitboy Crypto fans, a limited edition hat, and a question-and-answer Zoom call with Ben and 9 other people.

The following is each NFT and what its utility use case is copied directly from the Theta drop website:

Cupid’s Nipception –

Play a game of Poker with BitBoy

Think you got what it takes to beat Ben in a game of poker? The top 8 winning bids on this NFT will have a virtual poker game with Ben on September 8, 2021 from 8-9 p.m. EST. The poker game will be played on with pretend money. NFT Produced by Justin Williams, Artwork by Steven Polizzi

Thank You Bitsquad –

A Zoom Call /w BitBoy

Owners of this NFT will unlock the opportunity to join Ben and 9 others on a 60-minute zoom call Q&A on August 25, 2021 from 6-7pm EST. NFT Produced by Justin Williams, Artwork by Steven Polizzi.

Ben’s Headshot –

Exclusive Meetup at BitBoyCrypto Atlanta HQ Pack

Want to meet Ben in person at the brand new $3 million dollar BitBoyCrypto HQ? Located near Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. Meetup will occur approximately July 2022, date & time TBD. NFT DOES NOT INCLUDE travel, lodging, or any expenses incurred during travel or otherwise. NFT Produced by Justin Williams, Artwork by Steven Polizzi.

Limited Edition BitBoyCrypto Snapback –

Here’s your chance to become 1 of 100 worldwide to own this exclusive black-and-orange snapback certified by BitBoyCrypto.

3D BitMobile Art Collectible –

Own the first collectible NFT from BitBoyCrypto on ThetaDrop – the coveted 3D Bitmobile. vroom vroom. NFT Produced by Justin Williams, Artwork by Steven Polizzi.

That’s it for this drop, thanks to both Justin Williams the Vice President of Bitboy Crypto NFT’s division, and Steven Polizzi for his artwork and design of these exclusive collectible NFTs.

If you want to collect one of these collectibles or multiple NFTs and be given the VIP perks listed above, act fast as this auction is only for the next 24 hours! You can go here at this link to participate in the bidding process for your desired NFT or NFTs. But that’s all we got. Be blessed. Bitboy Crypto team out!

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