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THEOS’ core offering is a comprehensive DeFi suite for NFTs, including a Minting Platform, Marketplace, ODYSSEY pools and more to create a balanced ecosystem where NFTs can thrive. Still, one might be curious as to why THEOS hasn’t yet released any NFT collection to date.

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In a space overcrowded by money-seeking projects, the reason is simple: we wanted to ensure that these NFTs had a reason for existing; and had real utility within our ecosystem. Equally as important as their utility, we wanted to produce a visually stunning piece of artwork — and we think we achieved that.

Enter the first official THEOS community NFTs — Badges!

THEOS Badges are NFT badges that have been created to serve our community. They have been developed with several uses in mind, but to act as a support mechanism for community-related actions.

Badge Classes and Tiers

Badges will be placed into different classes, each with its Tiers special to the micro-community they wish to serve. Interestingly enough, the Classes and Tiers will not follow a streamlined ‘improvement’ over previous badges, as it is typical in the gaming industry. Each Class will have virtually no relationship with the next, and Tiers will live within each Class.

  • Titan Badges will serve as a means of identifying our Titans within the large NFT ecosystem. Initially, these badges will act as a beacon of THEOS through our community and any other external communities. Tiers within the Titan Class will serve as a way to distinguish between our Head of Titans, our Titan’s Team, and other members of the program.
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  • Citizen Badges have been designed for those community members that engage with THEOS and carry out various actions on the platform — a list of all the actions a member can take to get ahold of these badges will soon be shared, yet we want to give you a small sneak peek, actions will include minting, listing NFTs on the marketplace, submitting NFTs to an ODYSSEY pool, interacting with our socials, and more.
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  • NFT Coins represent triumph in community activations. Each marketing action will have the possibility to earn Gold, Silver and Bronze NFT coins that will be allocated to winners on top of the typical token reward
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  • Creator badges will be allocated to those that bring their creations to THEOS, minting and selling their creations.
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More Classes will be added as the THEOS ecosystem grows, as we intend to cater to anyone that believes in the future of NFTs with the same commitment.

Any holistic NFT platform needs tools that combine current technologies with NFTs, and NFT Staking has to be one of those tools. Staking can prove to be another utility application for NFTs, where smart contracts can check the intellectual property of a staked NFT, and release vested tokens (both fungible or NFTs) to the staker.

Users will be also able to stake their NFT badges for a certain amount of locked fungible tokens.

Take the winner of a community competition for example. Staking an NFT Gold Coin would allow the winner to receive a determinate amount of $USDC tokens over a period of time. The competition prize of 100 USD worth of $THEOS could thereby be continuously released on a pro-rata basis over three months.

We will develop more on the Badges Program as we move forward, and for each specific badge as the situation evolves, so stay tuned for updates!

About THEOS: The THEOS ecosystem is managed and sustained by our Association, a traditional finance and blockchain virtuosos team. We envision a new way of thinking, minting and trading NFTs, and have developed what we believe is going to become the next-generation community-governed NFT platform. THEOS will become the first NFT platform in Cardano, the blockchain with the highest potential out there.

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