Posted 2 years ago | by Bethany Armstrong

Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss have recently said in several interviews that Facebook's Libra project is a good thing for the cryptocurrency world.

Forbes reports that Tyler Winklevoss said, "A company of the stature of Facebook talking about the word crypto demystifies it, takes out the fear for some people...It might add other fear for different reasons, maybe privacy or whatnot, but the fact that a publicly-traded company that’s a huge part of our economy is doing something really serious in crypto very much mainstreams it. I think it’s a big win for our space.”

This is significant praise for Facebook's Libra project with so many countries denouncing Libra. Countries like the United States and France have been very vocal about Libra and the general distrust for it.

Cameron and Tyler are most notably known for their Facebook feud with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg in the beginning of Facebook's launch. The feud which ended in a settlement with Facebook gave the Winklevoss twins $65 millions dollars.

In an interview with CNN's Poppy Harlow, the Winklevoss twins told how they learned about Bitcoin from a guy on a beach who recognized them. That encounter led Cameron and Tyler to take $11 million dollars from their Facebook settlement and invest in Bitcoin. Since then, they have turned that initial investment into more than $1 billion dollars.

The Winklevoss twins launched Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange in 2014.

Cameron Winklevoss says that companies are, "Watching Libra and Facebook to see how that fares as they develop it."

They both agree that companies are being very strategic with how and when they invest and begin crypto projects. The Winklevoss twins believe that cryptocurrency will change the world.

Tyler adds, “We still think it’s the bottom of the first inning....If you look back to the dotcom era, maybe we’re post-2000 boom and bust, maybe we’re in 2001."