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  1. Where can I buy IOST?
  2. What is an IOST Mainnet account, and why do I need one?
  3. Which wallets support IOST?
  4. Other readings of your interest

1. Where can I buy IOST?

2. What is an IOST Mainnet account, and why do I need one?

An IOST Mainnet address is the equivalent of wallet addresses commonly seen on Ethereum. However, IOST addresses are human-readable and are set up freely by the end-user, i.e. iostfan123. Make sure you get yours before someone else takes your favorite name!

You may use your account name, i.e., jimmyiost123, to transfer and receive funds from other users and exchanges. However, when it comes to depositing funds in exchanges, you may be requested to use the exchange’s account name for the deposit, i.e., binanceiost, and fill in your ‘memo,’ which is your personal identifier in that particular exchange. This step is extremely important, and you may lose funds if not done properly.


  • Although exchanges request the users to fill the memo upon withdrawal, it is unnecessary when you transfer funds to a personal wallet, and you may fill it freely. I usually fill it with #iloveiost, and you may do so too 😉
  • IOST accounts are not free. There are many ways to buy an account and many ways to get one for free. To know more, please consult this guide:

New User Guide: How to Register an IOST Mainnet Account

Here’re the most popular methods to create your IOST mainnet accounts!

  • After you get your mainnet account, make sure you backup and store your private key safely. The private key is of vital importance, and if you lose it, you will lose the account’s access rights and lose your funds forever if you wipe your phone accidentally, buy a new computer, or simply restore your devices.

3. Which wallets support IOST?

A wallet app is just a means to access your account, which is on the blockchain and self-dependent (actually, private key-dependent). As long as you have your private key, you can uninstall the apps freely and download them again at any time. Just import your private key, and voila! You’re back! Funds are SAFU

To know more about IOST Wallets, please visit IOST Wallets Portal.

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