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The Number of Brave Browser Active Users Pops to 15 Million in April and May

According to an announcement on June 1, 2020, the privacy-focused internet browser Brave stated that it has added 15 million monthly active users and 5 million daily active users in April and May of this year.

Brave is founded in 2015 and is a web browser that aims to protect users’ privacy by blocking ads and website trackers. The browser has seen widespread adoption in terms of the number of users with its monthly active users grow to 15.4 million in May, a growth rate of 50 percent since the Brave 1.0 launch in November 2019.

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Brave Browser Continues to Add Users

There have been 5.3 million more users on Brave Browser over the past few months, which is up by 2 million users from the same time last year.

Brave Ads, the browser’s flagship, has also seen increased interest from some of the leading global brands. The browser’s private-be-design Brave Ads has attracted about 1,530 campaigns, a significant surge from the 400 campaigns reported in October 2019.

Brave Ads promotions are now supported in 183 countries.

The growing terms of adoption have been a success of Brave Ads, their CTR, or click-through rate, boomed to 9 percent versus the 2 percent industry average.

Also, Brave Ads has seen a nearly 930 percent surge with over 1 billion ad confirmation events to date when compared to the 97 million ad confirmation events reported in October 2019.

Brave Ads Grant Program

The browser’s Brave Ads Grant Program concerns humanitarian, providing additional awareness and support for non-profits. The program has become more utility amid the COVID-19 pandemic is happening.

An announcement from Brave stated:

“The program has grown to over 31 non-profits including Khan Academy, No Kid Hungry, GetUsPPE, Save the Children and UNICEF France. The program recently expanded support to drive awareness and contributions through Sponsored Images.”

Brave Browser is the kind of platform that is easy to support, and it is simple to see why it is attracting so many new users. It might be a good idea to stop supporting browsers that abuse your personal data, and start helping to change the online economy!

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