Posted 9 months ago | by Catoshi Nakamoto

Web 3 is coming. In fact, it’s already here. And if you’re watching this video, it means you’re already way ahead of the curve. But what does it actually mean? Well, think of it like this. Web 1 was all about consuming static web pages, sending emails, and asking Jeeves the best way to cook a lasagna. Then Web 2 came along and changed the game forever. Because it didn’t just allow us interact with the internet, it shifted a lot of what we did IRL into a whole new age of online activity. And with that came a byproduct. Data. Our Data. And that data put power into the hands of a few major players. I’m talking Amazon. Google. Facebook. A cabal of super powerful, centralized entities who became our evil overlords, the shepards of everything we do online. Which pretty much made us the sheep. And our data became the golden fleece to be sold off to the highest bidder. But here’s the good news. The sheep are waking up. And we’re just getting started.

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