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TenX Is Expanding Bitcoin Usability

Since its introduction in the whitepaper written by Satoshi Nakamoto, 2008, Bitcoin has had the potential to be used around the world for everyday purchases. It can be used to make purchases faster, safer, and more convenient, but the lack of infrastructure and widespread adoption have hindered this vision from becoming a reality. A company called TenX is working to change this.

TenX is a Singapore-based blockchain company that works to allow BTC users to convert their bitcoins into fiat instantly, wherever they are, and use them as cash. With its intelligent payment system, TenX hopes to help users realize Bitcoin's potential as a new global payments platform.

TenX is Building a Bridge

Through payment systems including the TenX Wallet mobile app, which can be financed with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and the TenX Visa Card can be used at over 54 million delivery locations across in nearly 200 countries, TenX is giving users the ability to make daily purchases and fiat withdrawals with bitcoin.

When users take advantage of the TenX Visa Card, merchants will receive payments in fiat currencies, ensuring seamless transactions that benefit both parties.

The conversion is carried out automatically and immediately, so according to people who are interested in Bitcoin, they are buying a cup of coffee (or anything else, for that matter) using BTC. This is an interim improvement in the use of cryptocurrencies and the dream of many long-time Bitcoin users.

New Payment Options

Not only do such services make it easier for Bitcoin users to live their lives using the currency of their choice, but they also create an effective new way to attract users.

Toby Hoenisch, CEO, and co-founder of TenX said that a lot of potential customers are threatened by how difficult they think cryptocurrencies are to use. Part of the TenX mission is to transform the world for easy and secure access to cryptocurrencies and help users feel comfortable about their journey into the crypto world.

While the company is working to make investments and regular use of bitcoin much more convenient, TenX still maintains a core principle of technology: security.

TenX complies with the strict security standards imposed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Board (PCI), ensuring that all data transmitted via card processing transactions are protected.

The Visa TenX card has an extra layer of real-time fraud protection and security, which is verified by Visa with the purpose of preventing unauthorized use online.

Users can immediately lock their card through the TenX application, take advantage of facial recognition features, and fingerprint unlock on supported devices, and the application will automatically update via the latest version. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is applied to all TenX users.

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