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XRP Is Huge In Japan (XRP going for Gold)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> XRP! It’s the crypto-equivalent to the soap operas suburban women watched in nineteen ninety six. What’s new with Ripple Labs, how has price action been and what can we look forward to next for XRP, including some huge news coming out of Asia. All this and more in today’s Episode of Days… Read More

[XRP Update] Is This The XRP Killer? (Updated Price Prediction)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> A heatwave is gripping the country. But nowhere is hotter right now than a New York City courthouse, which saw yet another plot twist in the Emmy-award-winning courtroom drama, ‘SEC vs Ripple Labs’. Today, we’ll be looking at what could this mean for XRP and it’s devoted army, crypto regulations as a… Read More

XRP to CRUSH DEFI Competitors (Ripple Flare Network Next BIG thing in Crypto?)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> Holders who had XRP in their wallets and exchanges back in December will soon be getting a reward from Ripple Labs; an airdrop of Spark Tokens, the new utility token for the Flare Network. The Flare network will bring smart contracts and DeFi to XRP, and Ripple is using some innovative methods… Read More

XRP Changing the World 2021 (Ripple Stablecoin REVEALED)

The engines of crypto run at high RPMS and churn out a lot of torque. But the race we’re in has multiple classes of cars in it. Some, like Bitcoin are the high end prototype cars, others like Enjin or Cosmos are exotics. Stablecoins….they’re more like a Mitsubishi Mirage. Stablecoins are boring to us degens,… Read More

Coinbase Says It Will Delist XRP Next January As The Dominoes Fall

The SEC recently claimed last week that XRP was a security, and that Ripple has been selling its coin without registering or seeking an exemption for seven years, adding that the company had raised $1.3 billion in that time frame. Now, cryptocurrency exchanges offering the digital asset have been moving forward delisting it at a… Read More

Amazon’s Twitch Director Shaan Puri Invests 25% Of His Net Worth Into Bitcoin

Shaan Puri who serves as Twitch.tv’s director has announced on Twitter that he has put 25% of his net worth into Bitcoin. Puri believes that Bitcoin presents “a rare opportunity to front-run a wave of institutional capital.” Shaan Puri, the director of Twitch, the streaming video platform owned by Amazon, announced via his Twitter account… Read More

Energy Web Working to Cut Carbon Emissions With EW Zero, Ripple

Energy Web is working on an open source application that could use blockchain technology to facilitate new types of clean and renewable energy and reduce carbon electricity use. The application is called EW Zero, which has been developed and piloted with fiat transactions. EW Zero is built to support the decarbonization of Ripple’s XRP Ledger… Read More

Crypto.com Announces XRP Recurring Buys and 1 Month Staking for CRO DeFi Yield Boost

Crypto.com has announced that XRP has been added to its recurring buys feature, as well as a new staking option for CRO DeFi Yield Boost. New investment opportunities are being added to the Crypto.com platform each week as the company aims to provide more benefits to its users. To receive $50 by signup for a crypto.com… Read More

Crypto.com Adds $FARM, UNI, and WBTC Support

Crypto.com has announced that its users now can trade $FARM, as well as buying UNI and WBTC at true cost on the platform. The crypto platform is constantly expanding its services as multiple cryptocurrencies are added to the supported list weekly. To take advantage of the wide catalog of coins supported by crypto.com, make sure… Read More

Indian Legislature Forgets Crypto Law – Ripple CEO Sees Huge Opportunities in Nation

Rumors about how crypto legislation may unfold in India are swirling. Despite early reports that a law that would ban crypto would be introduced to the current session of the Indian Parliament – no such law has been put on the agenda. According to Tanvi Ratna, who is the CEO regulatory advisory firm Policy 4.0,… Read More

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