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This is Why the XRP Army Will Take Over NFTs (Songbird Sidechain Goes Live)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> Just because Ripple is locked in an ongoing battle with the SEC, doesn’t mean that they’re going to stop constantly developing ways to improve their protocol and eco system. The wheels continue to spin inside the minds of the leaders and developers at Ripple Labs and the court case isn’t a reason… Read More

Bull Run Super Chargers (Pumptober Takes Over Crypto)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> With Rektember now in the rear-view mirror, Rocktober has started with a bang. A bang the could mark the beginning of an explosive Q4: the time when we tend to see the biggest gains in the shortest period. Now, we’ve seen some pretty serious FUD in recent weeks: the China ban, Evergrande,… Read More

XRP Is Now A Kingdom (Banks Begging for XRP)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> Bill Shakespeare once said, “The world is a stage”. Everyone wears their own mask and plays a version of the character they believe they are. We are currently in the third act in the ongoing lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple Labs. The investigation alone has been going on for two and… Read More

XRP Taking Over Banks (XRP World Cryptocurrency)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> The landmark case between the SEC and Ripple Labs is well into the 12th round with the closing bell only seconds away. It’s been a long, drawn out fight with plenty of twists and turns, and it’s the SEC who’ve taken the most damage by far. In fact, with Ripple almost certain… Read More

XRP will be a BIG GAINER (XRP is becoming the Blockchain of Banks)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> The SEC’s case against Ripple Labs has been dragging on for much longer than expected, but it seems that it could come to a close any day now. If you pay attention to the moves that Ripple has been making behind the scenes, you can see they are pushing along with business… Read More

XRP Is Huge In Japan (XRP going for Gold)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> XRP! It’s the crypto-equivalent to the soap operas suburban women watched in nineteen ninety six. What’s new with Ripple Labs, how has price action been and what can we look forward to next for XRP, including some huge news coming out of Asia. All this and more in today’s Episode of Days… Read More

[XRP Update] Is This The XRP Killer? (Updated Price Prediction)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> A heatwave is gripping the country. But nowhere is hotter right now than a New York City courthouse, which saw yet another plot twist in the Emmy-award-winning courtroom drama, ‘SEC vs Ripple Labs’. Today, we’ll be looking at what could this mean for XRP and it’s devoted army, crypto regulations as a… Read More

XRP to CRUSH DEFI Competitors (Ripple Flare Network Next BIG thing in Crypto?)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> Holders who had XRP in their wallets and exchanges back in December will soon be getting a reward from Ripple Labs; an airdrop of Spark Tokens, the new utility token for the Flare Network. The Flare network will bring smart contracts and DeFi to XRP, and Ripple is using some innovative methods… Read More

XRP Changing the World 2021 (Ripple Stablecoin REVEALED)

The engines of crypto run at high RPMS and churn out a lot of torque. But the race we’re in has multiple classes of cars in it. Some, like Bitcoin are the high end prototype cars, others like Enjin or Cosmos are exotics. Stablecoins….they’re more like a Mitsubishi Mirage. Stablecoins are boring to us degens,… Read More

Coinbase Says It Will Delist XRP Next January As The Dominoes Fall

The SEC recently claimed last week that XRP was a security, and that Ripple has been selling its coin without registering or seeking an exemption for seven years, adding that the company had raised $1.3 billion in that time frame. Now, cryptocurrency exchanges offering the digital asset have been moving forward delisting it at a… Read More

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