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ADAUSD and DOTUSD Perpetual Contracts Now Available on the Crypto.com Exchange

Use USDC as collateral with up to 10x leverage The ADAUSD and DOTUSD Perpetual Contracts are now available on the Crypto.com Exchange. Traders can use USDC as collateral with leverage of up to 10x, and enjoy discounted trading fees based on the amount of CRO they stake on the Exchange. We’ve been hard at work… Read More

Buy Bitcoin for as little as USD $1

We are pleased to announce that the minimum purchase amount for Bitcoin in the Crypto.com App has been lowered to just USD $1. Stack your Sats on your terms, with ease and flexibility. Buy BTC in the Crypto.com App now! Note: In the App, the minimum purchase amount for BTC will be expressed in BTC…. Read More

Conspiracy Fact – JPMorgan Pays $920 mln in Fines for Gold and Silver Price Manipulation

For years there have been allegations against mega banks like JP Morgan – the idea was simple – major banks were using the US futures markets to drive down the price of silver and gold – clearly trying to prop up the value of the US dollar. In a recent release published by the Department… Read More

Major Powers Poorly Equipped to Compete in Digital Currency Space

Both the USA and China have been driving toward new kinds of digital currency options – but both nations are in a bad position to popularize a new form of global payments and savings. A recent statement made by the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) via China Finance said that the state issuance and control… Read More

Crypto and Other Assets Fall on USD Strength – is the Big Bounce Over?

It has been a rough week for anything buy the US dollar. The USD has taken out key levels against the Euro, and a wider risk-off market trend is probably well underway. We have been warning about this possibility for months – and it may be more severe than many in the markets realize. To… Read More

The ‘One China’ Policy May be Ending – is the Digital Yuan Going to Fail Internationally?

The relationship between the USA and China is falling apart. In fact – we may be at a turning point in history. While some of the moves that have evolved from trade liberalization with China have been a benefit to Western corporations – the power that China has amassed is ultimately at odds with the… Read More

A Few Days isn’t a Trend – But Things may be Changing in the Crypto Markets

The massive risk-on rally that started earlier this year as central banks pumped loads of EZ money into the markets might be on the edge of a collapse. While crypto did participate in this rally – it looks as though tokens may be trading along side of other alternative assets – like gold. To be… Read More

US Federal Deficit Explodes – USG on-track to Spend $3tln Over Receipts in 2020

Do numbers matter anymore? Based on what the US government and Federal Reserve are doing – one is inclined to say – no. 2020 has been a wild ride, and the political reaction to COVID-19 has created record federal deficits in the USA. Earlier this year there was a monthly deficit spend of over $800bln,… Read More

China’s Digital Yuan isn’t a Great Idea – Watch it Implode on the World Stage

China is pushing the envelope with its Digital Yuan (DY) program – especially if it plans to launch the currency globally. Some commentators have proposed that the DY program could challenge the reserve currency status of the US dollar – which is laughable. No, no Chinese currency – digital or otherwise – will supplant the… Read More

The Launch of China’s Digital Yuan may be Delayed – CCP Looks Weak as US Pressure Mounts

It’s been over eight months since COVID-19 has run rampant across the globe, closing down businesses and stopping economic growth in its tracks. China was the first country to discover the virus and now it is attempting to stage an economic recovery. As businesses are working to operate again the Chinese government realized the current… Read More

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