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Major Powers Poorly Equipped to Compete in Digital Currency Space

Both the USA and China have been driving toward new kinds of digital currency options – but both nations are in a bad position to popularize a new form of global payments and savings. A recent statement made by the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) via China Finance said that the state issuance and control… Read More

China is Pushing Blockchain Development – but Projects Are Unlikely to Be Viable Internationally

China has defined itself by the ability to create new technology quickly – and adopt (sometimes steal) ideas from other nations to serve its economic interests. The Middle Kingdom is once again plugging a new technology into its business model – and this time its blockchain. Blockchain development in China is picking up speed, whether… Read More

Global Currency Collapse and Trade Wars Will Benefit Decentralized Assets

According to some – we may be entering the critical phase of the fourth turning. There isn’t much good news if that is the case – and we can expect to see major issues with how the global order is maintained. One of the biggest problems the world faces is how interconnected the trade and… Read More

The ‘One China’ Policy May be Ending – is the Digital Yuan Going to Fail Internationally?

The relationship between the USA and China is falling apart. In fact – we may be at a turning point in history. While some of the moves that have evolved from trade liberalization with China have been a benefit to Western corporations – the power that China has amassed is ultimately at odds with the… Read More

Why Did the PBoC Back-Off the Digital Yuan?

Don’t look for any certainty around the introduction of China’s Digital Yuan. Despite all the fanfare around a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in the worlds second largest economy, it looks like the project is being underdeveloped at the highest levels, and merchant banks aren’t willing to allow the public to play with the currency…. Read More

The IRS will Tax all Crypto Earnings According to Recent Memo

A memorandum was published by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on August 28 answering an inquiry, clarifying that crypto earnings are taxable by law. The inquirer asked: “Tax consequences for an individual who receives convertible virtual currency for performing microtasks through a crowdsourcing or similar platform.” The IRS defines the act of crowdsourcing as a… Read More

Consensus 2020 Will be Virtual This Year

The Consensus 2020 Conference, widely known as one of the most importat events in the crypto world, has decided to be a virtual event this year. Attendees from all over the world have been told they can join in on the event online for free, as the COVID-19 outbreak is wrecking the global economy. Coindesk disclosed… Read More

COVID-19 Pandemic Hits Crypto Companies

The United States announced new travel restrictions in response to spread the COVID-19 coronavirus last week. President Trump released a Presidential Proclamation that suspends the entry of most foreign nationals, who have been in Europe for 14 days prior to their travel to the USA. The list of those countries contents Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic,… Read More

Novogratz Says It’s Vital For The USA To Transition to Cryptocurrency

While the US is still fumbling about uncertain rules for the crypto industry, China is forging ahead with it is crypto and blockchain plans for a digital future. Several nations, mostly in Asia, have started research and development on their central bank cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, the US is getting left behind, especially if the recent Libra/Congress… Read More

Mark Zuckerberg’s Prepared Testimony on Libra

Since the Facebook has unveiled their Cryptocurrency project, Libra, the U.S. lawmakers have been quick to criticize the project. Other world leaders have also raised questions about Libra. In the last few weeks, several original Libra members have backed out of the Libra Association. Those members have included PayPal, Ebay, MasterCard, Visa and Stripe. MasterCard… Read More

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