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Unstoppable Domains Introduces Email Feature

Unstoppable Domains has announced the launch of its latest feature aimed to facilitate communications in the crypto ecosystem: Unstoppable email. This new feature comes months after the launch of a decentralized chat protocol, as the company continues its efforts to offer more decentralized services to harvest the potential of blockchain technology. To take your crypto… Read More

Unstoppable Domains Launches Browser to Boost a Decentralized Web

Unstoppable Domains has announced its launch of the Unstoppable Blockchain Browser aiming to speed up uncensored web access.  The company is always focusing on creating tools and features that bolster the privacy and unrestricted assets from netizens to a decentralized web free of any censorship. To take advantage of everything it has to offer, click… Read More

Coinbase Now Supports “.Crypto” Domains via Unstopped Domains

Coinbase has announced the addition of support for .crypto domains as users will be able to store and register them while also supporting payments. Unstoppable Domains allows users to simplify crypto payments, facilitate integration with blockchain platforms, and protect your website from censorship. If you want to take advantage of all the benefits Unstoppable Domains… Read More

Coinbase Will be Next Exchange to Support Unstoppable Domains .Crypto Payments

Coinbase announced earlier this week that it would support payments via Unstoppable Domains’ .Cypto domains. Instead of using a long and complex wallet address, people can send cryptos with a .Crypto domain from Unstoppable Domains. Huobi has already decided to support transfers to .Crypto addresses, and Gemini is also working on adding this cool functionality… Read More

Unstoppable Domains Rolls Out a New Decentralized Chat Protocol

The Tim Draper-backed startup focused on blockchain-based uncensorable websites, Unstoppable Domains, has announced the launch of a decentralized chat protocol. Unstoppable Domains allows users to simplify crypto payments, facilitate integration with blockchain platforms, and protect your website from censorship. If you want to use Unstoppable Domains to create your blockchain-based website and protect your privacy… Read More

Unstoppable Domains: Creating a Future Immune to Censorship

Unstoppable Domains is a San Francisco-based company building domains using blockchain technology to strive for a decentralized internet that protects free speech around the globe.    If you want to take your website to the next level, use Unstoppable Domains to create your blockchain-based website by clicking here. Unstoppable Domains allow you to simplify crypto… Read More

Huobi Wallet Supports .crypto Blockchain Domains via Partnership with Unstoppable Domains

Huobi Wallet has announced support for .crypto blockchain domains under its new partnership with Unstoppable Domains. Huobi Wallet is a self-custody wallet app launched by the leading blockchain company Huobi Group. Users now can pay one another easily by filling the send field with a domain, instead of using long addresses. According to the wallet… Read More

My Ethereum Wallet Introduces Feature to Allow Decentralized Websites

The free and open-source client-side interface for generating crypto wallets, My Ethereum Wallet (MEW), has launched a new feature, called “Host Your Own Site”, which supports users to host their own decentralized websites. The new feature is powered by the IPFS, and provides the benefits of blockchain. Host Your Own Site will allow users to… Read More

Unstoppable Domains Introduces Censorship-Resistant Blogging Platform

The partnership between Unstoppable Domains and Protocol Labs to create a URL for decentralized blogging is yielding results. On June 11, 2020, San Francisco blockchain firm Unstoppable Domains launched a decentralized blog (dBlog) service which is stored on Protocol Lab’s InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). The URL is completed with the .crypto domain. If you are… Read More

Crypto.com Pay Users Can Receive 30% Off Unstoppable Domains This Week

Unstoppable Domains is giving a big promotion to anyone who uses Crypto.com Pay. The promo was announced in a Tweet on May 27, 2020. This is a great chance to get an Unstoppable Domain! https://twitter.com/unstoppableweb/status/1265346056814018561 Crypto.com Pay users who purchase a domain with Crypto.com Pay during the next 7 days will receive 30% off a… Read More

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