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Elon Musk Agrees To Attend Bitcoin B-word Virtual Institutional Investor Conference

Telsa CEO Elon Musk, whom we refer to often as Muskrat, has officially agreed to attend the upcoming virtual event in July called The B-word, for Bitcoin. Last week, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey asked Elon Musk to have a discussion with him about Bitcoin at The B Word conference. However, with Musk’s sarcastic nature it… Read More

Mike Novogratz Claims Bitcoin Will Hit $65K As Network Effect Has Taken Over As It Breaks $17K

Bitcoin (BTC) will hit $65,000 due to a combination of its low supply and “tons of new buyers,” Mike Novogratz said in a tweet encouraging actress Maisie Williams to buy Bitcoin. should i go long on bitcoin ? — Maisie Williams (@Maisie_Williams) November 16, 2020 A Twitter poll prompted whether actress Maisie Williams should buy… Read More

ETH 2 Deposit Contract Released Date Set For Phase 0 Launch Of December 1st

Vitalik Buterin announced and released the deposit contract of Eth 2.0 on Twitter. This is the first substantial implementation of the upgrade and comes with a countdown set for December 1, 2020, when developers will launch phase 0. Ethereum’s price spiked to $408 within hours of Vitalik’s ETH 2.0 announcement, according to Coingecko. The deposit… Read More

Twitter CEO Thinks Future Online Content Creation Will be Based in Blockchain

Last week the CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey, presented a webinar for the Oslo Freedom Forum 2020 which is organized by the Human Rights Foundation. In the conference Dorsey shared his thoughts about the vision of the social platform and new hopes Bitcoin and blockchain technology would bring to Twitter. In his speech,… Read More

Bitcoin Is Still A Strong Competitor In Blockchain Space – Says Twitter CEO

Twelve years since the day it was announced, Bitcoin is still moving forward, and attracting new users to the world’s most successful digital currency. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently reiterated his dedication to the one and only Bitcoin (BTC). Speaking with Reuters – Dorsey, the name behind Twitter and also the founder of Square –… Read More

Crypto.com Exchange Launches Stake-to-Take Along with Twitter Giveaway and Competition

The Crypto.com trading platform has announced the addition of the Stake-to-Take program to the crypto.com exchange as well as 2 events to celebrate. The company is constantly creating new features and tools based on the market needs and users’ suggestions, making it a great option to take your trade to a whole new level. Make… Read More

Crypto.com Launches BTC Special Giveaway in The Syndicate

Crypto.com has announced the launch of its latest Sweepstakes campaign which will allow users to win part of a prize pool of $50k worth of Bitcoin.     To take advantage of this giveaway to increase your capital with the chance to win Bitcoin, as well as getting $50 if you sign up for the crypto.com… Read More

Crypto.com Announces Giveaway to Celebrate 200K Twitter Followers Milestone

Crypto.com has recently reached 200k Twitter followers and has decided to celebrate by launching a new giveaway with 200k CRO in prizes. To take advantage of the event and get a chance to win 20k CRO, as well as getting $50 if you sign up for the MCO card, click here. Participate to Get a… Read More

Phemex Celebrates its First Anniversary with a Twitter Giveaway

As the Phemex exchange continues to grow in popularity, it is celebrating its 1st-anniversary by launching a Twitter giveaway event with the #phemexversary. To join the celebration and take advantage of the zero-fee trades that Phemex offers its users, as well as other multiple befits, make sure to click here. Phemex is Giving Back to… Read More

Select Your Captain and Win Prizes with ByBit

Bybit, the Singaporean crypto derivatives exchange is launching a new event named “World Series of Trading” (WSOT) with up to 200 Bitcoins (BTC) in the prize pool, claiming to be the largest crypto trading competition. Now, you can tag vote for your favorite influencer to leader your Troop and if it leads the biggest team,… Read More

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