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Waves Partners With IOST For Cross-Chain Interoperability Using Gravity Network

As Gravity expands the list of its target chains, IOST is joining the likes of Waves, Ethereum, and Tron. IOST are excited to announce that IOST is joining Gravity network, a cross-chain oracle, and communication network, as a target chain. IOST will become one of the platforms connected to Gravity, along with Waves, Ethereum, and… Read More

Steemit to Partner with Tron – Will Use Tron Network for STEEM Token

Major blockchain-based blogging and social networking website Steemit has announced that it will partner with a cryptocurrency firm Tron Foundation (TRX). The plan is for Tron (TRX) to provide its network for Steemit services, and also the STEEM token. An announcement made last week detailed the plan. The Tron Foundation said that Steemit and other… Read More

Justin Sun Confirms TRON – Poloniex Partnership

TRON – Poloniex Partnership Justin Sun stated on a livestream today that he did not buy Poloniex. However, he did admit that he is in fact one of the investors who recently made a large investment in Poloniex to help it to grow. Many crypto enthusiasts had suggested that Justin Sun was in fact behind… Read More

Binance Becomes Highest Ranked TRON Super Representative Overnight

The TRON Network has a new player. Overnight, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange, entered the TRON Super Representative (SR) rankings at the number one spot. Binance has over 12 Billion TRON (TRX) frozen and voted on its node. The second ranked TRON SR is SesameSeed with 566M votes. This means Binance has almost 60%… Read More

Will TRON’s Sun Network Send TRX to the Moon?

TRON Sun Network Upgrade to Give “Unlimited Capacity” One of the biggest issue for any blockchain is scalability. Many networks have promised a high TPS (transactions per second), but many have not been able to deliver on those promises. TRON hopes to have their own solution to the scalability issue via their new expansion plan… Read More

Justin Sun Interview Live From Tron Party in San Francisco

The Warren Buffet power lunch won by Justin Sun of the cryptocurrency Tron was postponed. This article looks at the underlying reasons why and if it will actually get rescheduled or cancelled.

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