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Blockchain Technology Used in Combination With IoT May Create Safer Systems

Blockchain is having a greater impact on many areas of life. With security capabilities, the technology is expected to create transparent applications to empower the security of Internet of Things (IoT) systems. The IoT era may be in its infancy, but security threats have been around since the technology first went into public use. Understanding… Read More

What are Cryptos – Really?

So I am a little late to the party. The Goldman report that bashed cryptos and gold created some serious waves in the community and made a few people pretty irate. I am not one of those people. Of course, I disagree with the report from Goldman, but I wonder why people take these Wall… Read More

XRP Holders Prepare for Price Dump – Ripple Co-Founder Unlocks 63.7 Million XRP

On April 8, Whale Alert flagged a gigantic XRP transfer, comprised of 63,704,590 XRP, from Jed McCaleb Settlement to Jed McCaleb’s wallet. This means more than $12 million worth of XRP could be sold, as they are now unlocked. XRP holders could be in for a possible price dump, though this is pure speculation. So… Read More

Mpho Dagada – Blockchain Could Help South African Economy

Mpho Dagada, a Member of the South African Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR), claimed he believes applying blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) could help to reduce unemployment in the country. Dagada stated: “We face two significant challenges in the country: reducing unemployment and increasing our Gross Domestic Product (GDP),” he said. “[The]… Read More

OpenSea Expands NFT Marketplace – Lots of Potential in the Sector

OpenSea announced that it would be expanding its product like at the recent Non-Fungible Token (NFT) New York City Event. The CEO of OpenSea explained that the platform is a: “marketplace for digital goods, including collectibles, gaming items, digital art, and other digital assets that are backed by a blockchain like Ethereum.” The whole space… Read More

Kakao’s Upcoming Klip Crypto Wallet to Support Apps and Klatyn Based Tokens

Recent reports stated that Kakao’s upcoming crypto wallet, Klip, would support Blockchain apps and tokens based on their Klaytn Blockchain. The much-anticipated release will happen in the first half of 2020. Kakao’s Blockchain subsidiary, GroundX, had in August 2019 announced Klip and a plan to launch it by the end of the year. Klip Standalone Version… Read More

Central Banks May Introduce Token Coins

ING, a major Dutch bank, has released a video that features its chief economist predicting that Central Banks will create tokens over the next 2 to 3 years. Mark Cliffemight, who made the prediction, thinks that in the wake of Facebook’s Libra announcement, it is only a matter of time before central banks decide to… Read More

VeChain Welcoming Hacken to Its Blockchain

VeChain is Making Big Moves It seemed like not that long ago, that a devious yet popular YouTuber was making videos every day about how much of a scam VeChain was. Fast forward to today, and VeChain seems to be one of the most promising platforms in blockchain. After several big partnerships and announcements, VeChain… Read More

UK Watchdog Says BTC Does Not Need Regulation

Regulators Separating BTC & ETH from Other Cryptocurrencies The top financial watchdog in the U.K. has announced that it will not regulate Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) made the statement yesterday. This is interesting given that the FCA was the regulatory body that worked very hard to crackdown on crypto Ponzi schemes… Read More

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