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Blockchain Helps Push Social Responsibility on Private Sector – Cobalt Supplies in Focus

The international car manufacturer, Volvo, is deploying blockchain technology to track the source of cobalt which is used for producing batteries in their automobiles. In an attempt to fight against child labor and harmful working condition issues – blockchain could make a big impact. Cobalt is an indispensable ingredient to make lithium-ion batteries. Currently, the largest… Read More

Blockchain Helps Bring New Ideas to Africa’s Mining Sector

Africa has some of the world’s largest mineral deposits. However, it’s a fact that the industrialization and development level in African countries is inadequate to fully extract the existing resources. With the emergence of blockchain technology, mining activities in Africa are seeing an uptick in interest – despite the weak global economy. Problems in Africa’s… Read More

TAG Studies Blockchain And The Future of Tracking Consumer Behavior

Last year the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) conducted a pilot that tracked manufactured goods, ad tech producers and publishers, to measure how Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) could enhance the programmatic advertising. The results have just been revealed and have been warmly reviewed by IPA President Nigel Vaz. The pilot was carried out over 12 months… Read More

Australia may use Blockchain to Address Fraud in The Food Industry

In a recent discussion among experts in a supply chain forum, blockchain technology was highlighted as a tool to solve Australia’s $1.7 billion fraudulent trade of consumable goods by providing greater transparency. Currently, Australia is facing a prevalence of fraudulent behaviors in its food supply. As a nation that is recognized globally for its quality,… Read More

A Partnership Between Ripple and VeChain Could be the Biggest Event on Crypto

With VeChain and Ripple showing great potential by themselves and growing popularity, there could now be a partnership that could skyrocket their popularity and benefits. To learn more about these 2 coins, the benefits that a possible partnership could bring, and Bitboy Crypto’s predictions for them, make sure to watch the latest video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3EhfzB8uAk The… Read More

Malaysia Launches Blockchain App to Track Palm Oil

The Malaysian Palm Oil Council or MPOC has partnered with a blockchain startup BloomBloc to develop a blockchain app that will allow users to trace palm oil throughout the entire palm oil supply chain. The system based on blockchain and is now available in a pilot that helps local oil palm growers, palm oil processors,… Read More

China Everbright Bank Partners with Ant Financial for Supply Chain Finance

China Everbright Bank or CEB is a large commercial bank in China and a popular public company. The firm has launched a blockchain which aimed at becoming a supply chain finance solution as a part of a collaboration with Ant Financial. Ant Financial is one of the financial arms of Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba. Ant… Read More

CHIP – Blockchain Could be Perfect for Monitoring Supply Chain Data

Thain Integration Pilot or CHIP was developed by the Auburn University RFID Lab in Alabama, which has launche Ched a proof-of-concept whitepaper. The project will demonstrate the efficiency savings of blockchain technology in the contemporary supply chain. The team designed the proof-of-concept to ingest, encode, distribute, as well as save serialized data from the number… Read More

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