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Collateralize NULS-BUSD LP Tokens For Liquid Capital While Earning Up To 153.4% APY!

We are delighted to be launching the NULS-BUSD vault on RAMP V2! The vault allows NULS-BUSD asset owners to unlock liquid capital from their farming assets by collateralizing their LP tokens on the RAMP platform, even as they continue to enjoy APY of up to 153% at high confirmation speeds and low fees on Binance… Read More

Announcing the Next Staking Project: SkyX

Dear Ferrum Community, We are thrilled to announce the next Ferrum Network staking project — SkyX Token! SkyX Token is the native token of Sukai social media mobile app. All interactions from advertising clicks to likes, post and all forms of engagements on Sukai earn users SkyX Token backed by real revenues generated just like… Read More

Introducing our New System for Rewarding Loyal FRM Holders with Additional Allocations

Dear Ferrum Community, When we started our incubator Ferrum Advisory Services, our goal was to ensure that loyal Ferrum community members could secure access to promising early stage blockchain start ups. With the growth and success of our incubator, many new community members have joined Ferrum (for which we are truly grateful). However, some new… Read More

CTSI is Now Listed on Binance’s Liquid Swap with a CTSI/BNB Pool!

We’re excited to announce that CTSI is now listed on Binance Liquid Swap with a CTSI/BNB liquidity pool. Binance users can now add liquidity to the CTSI/BNB liquidity pool and get a share of 200,000 CTSI in yield-farming rewards. Users will receive regular yield-farming rewards when the rewards of 200,000 CTSI are distributed. For more information… Read More

Announcing the Next Staking Project: Equalizer

Dear Ferrum Community, We are thrilled to announce the next Ferrum Network staking project — Equalizer! Equalizer is the first dedicated flash loan marketplace built on top of a scalable infrastructure that can handle the rising demand of decentralized lending and borrowing and that can boost the trading volume of any listed asset. It offers… Read More

Ferrum Network’s partnership with AGA provides exciting incentives for our FRM community

As our partnerships evolves, we learn new ways to incentivize our community and it is a win-win for everyone. AGA is holding a liquidity offering that provides generous bonuses and ways to earn APY including, but not limited to, a 15% AGA Token bonus, a liquidity provider HODL reward, LP rewards on Quickswap as well… Read More

Ferrum Network introduces Rocket Vault, a Smart Vault delivering Highest APY!

Ferrum Advisory Services brings you Rocket Vault, a Smart Vault powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms which adopt a data-driven approach to originate unique vault strategies to minimize losses and maximize gains to provide the significantly higher yield than any competitor. Importance of Rocket Vault Project Interacting with multiple staking platforms, or trying… Read More

Introducing BSCView Staking in Partnership with Ferrum Network

Hello Ferrum Community, Following a successful launch of BSCView on Pancake Swap, we’re excited to introduce BSCV staking, powered by Ferrum’s flexible staking technology! BSCView is building the most comprehensive trading tools available for Binance Smart ChainChart. Ferrum Network is proud to be working closely with the BSCView team to bring our many unique technologies,… Read More

Crypto Earn: Now Earn up to 3% p.a. on Bancor (BNT) deposits, paid in BNT

Calling Bancor (BNT) hodlers – we have added BNT to Crypto Earn! Users can now earn up to 3% p.a. on their deposits, paid in BNT. Crypto.com Private users will earn up to 5% p.a. Deposits and withdrawals of BNT are enabled on the Crypto.com App. Crypto Earn now supports 38 coins including BTC, ETH, LTC, ATOM, DOT, UNI, and USDC. Interest… Read More

Bitsquad AMA Recap: Curio Invest Interview With The Cat

Last night, The Cat, interviewed Curio Invest in the Bitsquad, a project seeking to tokenize rare collectible cars. During, the discussion, Curio’s founder and CEO Ray Fer and his team, revealed a number of exciting developments for the project including parachains and staking for users. The team further discussed some of their partners which will… Read More

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