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Square Buys Australian AfterPay, Buy Now, Pay Later Company For $29 Billion

Jack Dorsey’s parent payment company of Cash App, Square has agreed to a massive U.S. $29 billion all-stock deal to buy the Australian fintech company Afterpay – in a merger that some analysts state could “create a global transactions giant.” In a press release, Square announced that following the acquisition of Afterpay, consumers “will receive… Read More

Bloomberg Article Falsely States That Bitcoin Is “Dirty Energy” Using Flawed Data Coinshares Debunks Them

Bloomberg published a narrative that has continued to be debunked for a long time that mining Bitcoin is bad for the environment due to its use of energy, and Coinshares quickly swung back debunking the argument. “The Bitcoin algorithm demands increasing amounts of computational power to validate transactions. If it were a country, its annualized… Read More

Square Invests $10 Million Towards A Cleaner Bitcoin Ecosystem

Square wants a cleaner energy consumption for Bitcoin to counteract the narrative that Bitcoin is wasteful on power causing pollution. Payments company Square has launched a Bitcoin Clean Energy Investment Initiative. The company which funds many companies within the cryptocurrency space is committing $10 million to support businesses that drive renewable energy within the Bitcoin… Read More

Cash App Quarterly Earnings For Bitcoin Generated $1.63 Billion In Revenue

Cash App, the mobile payment service of Square Inc. has generated more than $1.63 billion in Bitcoin revenue in Q3 2020 according to its earnings report. Square released its Q3 2020 earnings report revealing that the company has generated a large amount of its profit from Bitcoin trading. Cash App, launched its Bitcoin trading in… Read More

Winklevoss Twins: “Bitcoin Rise To $500k is inevitable”

Early Bitcoin investors and Gemini exchange founders, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss stated in a recent podcast with Peter McCormack that Bitcoin (BTC) will eventually hit $500,000 per coin. “The question in our mind is not so much does it get to $500,000, but how quickly,” Tyler told McCormack during the Oct. 23 podcast episode. His… Read More

Jack Dorsey & Cash App Falling More in Love With Bitcoin Every Day

Jack Dorsey Crazy for BTC On a recent earnings call, Jack Dorsey made a prominent remark to share holders in regards to Bitcoin’s performance on Square’s Cash App. As he looked at the level of Bitcoin transactions on the app during the call, he stated that, “We love you Bitcoin”. And after $125M worth of… Read More

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