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OKEx Cryptocurrency Exchange To Shut Down After Regulations In South Korea

OKEx cryptocurrency exchange is set to shut down as South Korea passes a new law making order book sharing illegal between exchanges. OKEx Korea released a statement in Korean stating customers must withdraw their fiat and crypto funds before Apr. 7th, at which time the exchange will shut down permanently and be unable to fulfill… Read More

Blockchain Brings Innovation to Music Streaming Industry

GRAFSOUND, a Singaporean platform is expanding and providing music and audio services based on blockchain applications. The company is working to store music and audio assets from across the world. In recent years, technologies have been changing the entertainment industry in general, and the music broadcast in particular. Streaming is now a popular way to… Read More

South Korean Regulators Not Supportive of NFT-based Games

South Korean Regulators Not Supportive of NFT-based Games Although South Korea could be one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world, the national regulators seem unwilling to implement non-fungible token innovations for the gaming industry Following the postponement of an NTF-based Five Stars application by the Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC) on September… Read More

South Korea Issues More than One Million Blockchain-based Drivers Licenses

Despite being introduced this May, blockchain-power drivers licenses have become a top option for more than one million South Korean’s citizens. Officially issued this year, Korean citizens and residents can own an electronic driver’s license through an application on a smartphone across the country, dubbed “PASS.” The number of the app’s users reflects over 3%… Read More

Binance to Launch New Crypto Exchange for South Korea

According to a recent announcement, Binance disclosed that there is a new crypto exchange for its South Korean users, Binance KR, which will launch soon. The exchange is aimed solely at the South Korean market, which has a very high level of crypto engagement. In a previous announcement from February 17, Binance stated that Binance… Read More

Bitcoin Transactions Lead Authorities to Massive Child Pornography Ring

US and South Korean Governments busted a massive child pornography ring by tracking down Bitcoin transactions. Bloomberg reports that IRS Criminal Investigation Division joined Homeland Security, IRS, The U.K.’s National Crime Agency with the investigation. “Don Fort, chief of the division, said they determined the location of the Darknet server in South Korea, identified Son… Read More

Potential Trouble for South Korea’s Kakao

According to a report from Korean news service News 1, South Korea’s Kakao would like to list its cryptocurrency on an exchange. It may not be able to do so domestically. In an ironic twist, the Korean government may prevent Kakao from choosing a platform in its home country, even though the company is looking… Read More

Korean Internet Giant Hints at Crypto Wallet

New South Korean Cryptocurrency Wallet to Launch News1 Korea announced that the South Korean internet giant, Kakoa Corp, has a teaser page indicating it’s own cryptocurrency (Crypto Wallet) wallet is coming soon. Kakoa Corp currently serves over 50 million active users. Klip, Kakoa’s cryptocurrency wallet, would be available to all users under the “More” tab… Read More

SK Group Proposes Two Tokens and Blockchain-Based Platfrom

South Korea Company Building on Blockchain One of the largest conglomerates in South Korea, SK Group is developing a donation platform which is Blockchain-based. The company has also proposed 2 new tokens in the platform design. As per the reports, the IT arm of the group SK Corporation C&C has made an announcement at a… Read More

South Korea Creating Regulation Free Zones for Crypto Companies

South Korea Trying to Keep Crypto Companies Within Borders South Korea is the latest country to allow regulation free zones for blockchain development. This is not an unprecedented move as both Switzerland and Russia have introduced such zones. The point of this move is to be able to keep crypto and blockchain companies within their… Read More

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