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Chainstack Announces New Partnership to Deploy Smart Contract Solution

Chainstack recently announced that is has integrated DAML into its platform. DAML is a smart contract feature developed by Digital Asset, and it will be added to the Chainstack ecosystem. The collaboration is expected to strengthen Chainstack’s security as well as give it more room and power for businesses and developers to implement DAML applications on… Read More

Algorand’s Latest Upgrade Targets DeFi Space

Interest in DeFi is growing and Algorand is eyeing the DeFi space for its latest upgrade. Speaking with Cointelegraph, Paul Riegle, Algorand’s chief of product said that this new upgrade will center three key features, including: the implementation of stateful of the smart contract feature, the “fast catch-up” and “rekeying” aspects. This set of features… Read More

Thailand’s Central Bank Takes a Close Look At DeFi Use Cases

Smart contracts and decentralized finance (DeFi) became a hot topic in Thailand blockchain industry when the national central bank expressed interest in applying these innovations to the Digital Baht, Thailand’s digital currency. The news is based on statements made by Vijak Sethaput, an executive at the central bank, in an interview chaired by the global… Read More

Statera Might Revolutionize the Booming DeFi Sector

Statera is one of the biggest upcoming Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects with some people referring to it as the “Bitcoin of Defi”, which is a title that seems to be pretty accurate in many senses. To learn more about this project and Bitboy’s predictions for its future, make sure to watch the latest Youtube video!… Read More

Binance Joins EOS DeFi System as a Supervisor for Smart Contract Upgrades

EOS DeFi project has gotten the help of Binance, Eosfinex, and others to oversee the process of using the blockchain’s smart contract upgrade features. These groups should add value to the entire EOS ecosystem. EOS-based decentralized finance, or DeFi, project similar to MakerDAO (MKR), named Equilibrium, is set to add four-block producers to its governance… Read More

Ethereum based dApps Challenged by New Contenders

Ethereum based decentralized applications are the prime candidate for smart contract implementation. In particular, Ethereum has dominated the dApp market with the highest ranks in terms of actual users who are actively engaged with dApps Over the past few years, the Ethereum network has grown into a fairly robust platform that can facilitate the ever-evolving… Read More

Binance to Launch Smart Contracts on New Blockchain

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance published a new whitepaper that details the development of Binance Smart Chain, which is a new blockchain running in parallel to Binance Chain which will support smart contract functionalities. The new network is described as an innovative solution which brings both the interoperability and programmability of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)… Read More

Chainlink Holds Gains as Cryptos Consolidate

While Bitcoin has been able to bounce back from the lows it set over the last month, some smaller tokens are back to near their all time highs. Chainlink is still not at the highs it set earlier this year, but it has been able to claw back most of the losses from the sudden… Read More

CertiK Launches DeepSEA to Protect Blockchains from Hackers

CertiK, a blockchain security company, has launched a demo for its DeepSEA programming language. The group has also supplied a language reference manual for the language, which is aimed at making smart contracts more secure. Both CertiK and its affiliated R&D-focused academic projects have been funded by Binance Labs, Qtum and the Ethereum Foundation. The… Read More

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