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Skybridge COO: Institutional Investors Could Push Bitcoin To $500,000 And Beyond If Buying Continues

Skybridge Capital COO Brett Messing has stated in an interview with Decrypt that growing institutional investment into Bitcoin could drive Bitcoin’s price to half a million dollars per coin. “Bitcoin is either a super niche asset that trades between $500 and $50,000, or it’s worth well over $500,000,” Messing told Decrypt, adding, “It’s hard for… Read More

DeVere Group Panic Sold BTC in December For Profits As More Institutional Investors Jump Into Bitcoin

Nigel Green, the CEO of U.K.-based financial firm DeVere Group, has stated in a recent blog post that his company sold 50% of his bitcoin holdings over Christmas as Bitcoin reached new all-time highs. Meanwhile, other institutional investors Three Arrows Capital and Bitwise have doubled down on their investments into cryptocurrency with the latter seeing… Read More

SkyBridge Capital Buys $25 Million of Bitcoin Launches Fund

Anthony Scaramucci’s hedge fund SkyBridge Capital has bought and invested $25 million worth of Bitcoin. The fund has started trading and shall open to the public early next month. Scaramucci said his interview with Michael Saylor influenced his decision to buy $25 million BTC. CNBC first broke the news announcing that the New York-based hedge… Read More

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