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Binance Is Being Targeted Global By Regulators; Rolls Out CipherTrace Traveler For Compliance With Travel Rules

The day has finally come where Binance is being targeted by several countries’ regulators for operating an exchange without proper oversight in their eyes, which allows money laundering and illegal futures trading. Binance has recently been put under scrutiny by the U.S., UK, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, Japan, India, and now they can add the Cayman… Read More

Blockchain Brings Innovation to Music Streaming Industry

GRAFSOUND, a Singaporean platform is expanding and providing music and audio services based on blockchain applications. The company is working to store music and audio assets from across the world. In recent years, technologies have been changing the entertainment industry in general, and the music broadcast in particular. Streaming is now a popular way to… Read More

Virtual Education Certificate Platform Created With Blockchain in Singapore

Blockchain technology will be applied to verify certificates of education from Singaporean local colleges, universities and institutes, according to the local authorities. Thanks to that, recruiters and employers can check a candidate’s educational results and qualifications with ease. This year the government of Singapore approved a law stating that graduates from a variety of levels… Read More

Clash of the Wet Noodles – US and China Equally Suited to Fail in a Decentralized World

It is interesting to compare the USA and China in terms of their next generation tech development priorities. In a recent OP-ED by Ripple co-founder and chairman Chris Larsen warned that the US risks losing a digital cold war that could see the Chinese Yuan replace the US dollar as the global reserve currency. This… Read More

IOST and Greencore Partnership will Develop Layer-2 Scalability and Privacy Protection for User

The IOST foundation has announced its partnership with GreenCore, a Singapore-based company known as a New-Energy Ecosystem Reconstructed by Blockchain. IOST is constantly expanding its platform, increasing the number of nodes to improve its speed and reliability, and creating new partnerships to collaborate. Click here to vote for BitBoy Crypto’s node in IOST. A Partnership… Read More

MAS Prepares to Launch Ubin – Major Nations Fall Behind

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) started to develop a collaborative project to explore the use of Blockchain and Distributed LedgerTechnology for the settlement and clearing of payments and securities. Coined “Project Urbin”, the project was intended to assist the entity to better understand blockchain technology via practical experimentation, exploring its potential applications and benefits… Read More

Monetary Authority of Singapore MAS Further Defines Crypto Regulations

The new Payment Services Act from the Monetary Authority of Singapore MAS will require that crypto business obtain a license. In fact, there are three kinds of licenses that crypto businesses will need to choose from, in order to continue doing business legally in Singapore. The three classes of licenses are: a major payment institution,… Read More

Singapore may Allow Crypto Derivatives, Encourage BTC Transactions

Singapore has shown itself to be one of the most open nations to cryptos, and it looks like it is taking its crypto industry one step further. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), which is more or less the small nation’s central bank, just announced that it will be looking into crypto derivatives. According to… Read More

JPMorgan and Singapore Create Blockchain System for Cross-Border Payments

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and JPMorgan have issued a blockchain prototype for cross-border payments. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is the country’s central bank, and JPMorgan is an investment banking giant that operates in numerous countries. According to reports on Monday, MAS announced the prototype allows payments by different currencies on the… Read More

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