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Biden Administration Forms Anti-Ransomware Task Force Contemplates $10 Million Bounty For Catching Hackers

The U.S. Biden administration has launched an anti-ransomware task force geared toward dealing with blackmail by hackers against corporations, proposing a bounty of $10 million dollars if the information given to investigators leads to the capture of culprits responsible. The new task force will focus on combating cyberattacks and tracing crypto that is paid as… Read More

Tesla Avoided at least a $4 Million in Losses Thanks to a Whistleblower and the FBI

Bitcoin ransomware is targeting larger companies all the time. Tesla Motors was the latest to suffer a ransomware attempt. These programs attempt to withhold data for ransom or threats of exposing or publishing trade secrets and internal documents that are essential for an organization to operate in exchange for large amounts of bitcoins. In the past,… Read More

$1M USD of Bitcoin Ordered Frozen in Ransomware Case

A United Kingdom High Court ordered a proprietary injunction on Bitcoin (BTC) holdings after a ransomware attack on a Canadian insurance company. A proprietary injunction prevents a person from dealing with their assets when it is subject to the claim. UK High Court released documents that pertain to a ransomware attack, the documents were made… Read More

The Biggest Myth About Bitcoin

Is Bitcoin Traceable? Recently, BitBoy Crypto produced a video in which strangers were asked questions about Bitcoin and then presented with the option to take $5 of cash, a $10 gift card, or $15 in Bitcoin. Eight people in all were interviewed. Five people took the cash, two people took the gift card, & one… Read More

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