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Massive Bitcoin Rally Coming After Labor Day – Former Prudential CEO

George Ball is the former head of Prudential Securities – and today he thinks that Bitcoin prices are primed to explode after Labor Day. Currently, Ball is the chief executive at investment firm Sanders Morris Harris, and he has a decades’ long track record in the investment industry to draw on. The thesis is pretty… Read More

Has Trading Become a Form of Entertainment?

Retail investors in the US are jumping into stocks via digital platforms like RobinHood. It is clear that people are starved for entertainment – and they are looking to the Wall St. casino for some quick action. With the FED jamming ever more EZ money into the markets, there is a good chance that at… Read More

Bitcoin Buying May Shift to Altcoins – if Rally is Intact

Bitcoin prices continue to rise. BTC traded as high as $9,300 USD over the last week, and it appears to be forming a base in the mid $8,000 USD range. At the time of writing, BTC is trading at $8,806 USD, and there has been little change in its price over the past 24 hours. Bitcoin… Read More

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