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WORST NFT Crash Yet!! (Are NFTs Losing Hype For Good?)

Spotify has spotted an opportunity in the NFT market, Open Sea adds new verification features, and the NFT market… well, it’s down with the rest of the cryptos… This is your weekly NFT Update, and let’s ape into it… Audio streaming service, Spotify has joined the chorus of companies entering the NFT space, announcing it’s… Read More

NFTs Taking A HUGE HIT + Instagram Debut! (TOP NFT Founder Comes Clean)

Facebook and Instagram to adopt NFTs. Will Azuki founder run away from his current project like he did three others? Madonna and Beeple birth something into the NFT space while CryptoPunks crash. And we finally have an Otherside trailer for you, just in time for Veecon. Let’s get into some NFT Alpha goodness… NFTs are… Read More

New generation blockchain games: beyond the hype of NFTs and play-to-earn.

How to create real decentralized games with The Blockchain OS. Why build games with blockchain and crypto? Blockchain games stand at a confusing place that fails to attract game developer veterans and gamers around the world. Many see blockchain as a complicated solution to problems they never had or a technological setback that disturbs their… Read More


The SAVAGE team is pleased to note all of our recent press coverage, such as in CoinMarketCap, CryptoDaily, Cointelegraph, Investing.com, Yahoo Finance, and DailyHODL among many others. Many in the cryptosphere are noticing our strong commitment to not only being carbon-neutral, but also our efforts to highlight the eco-friendly possibilities of NFTs. Last week, we… Read More

What Separates Metastrike From the Rest

The Metastrike team aims to create the first-ever FPS-RPG game to provide players with a truly authentic and immersive NFT gaming experience. Our metaverse consists of multiple gaming modes and the ability for players to take the reigns, enabling them to build, create, and earn like never before. The NFT gaming sector is competitive, to… Read More

Early Bird Staking VR Lands Sale is going live at 20:18 UTC!

Here is the step-by-step process for how to buy a VR Land: 1. Go to NFTrade . 2. Claim your xVR. 3. Buy an NFT voucher using xVR depending on your allocation (5,000 VR staked = $500 worth of VR Land allocation) — this will be FCFS. 4. Mint and claim the NFT voucher to… Read More

Why Envoy will play an important role in NFT adoption for Millions of users

Since the surge in popularity the NFT space has never looked back, daily more than 50+ projects are getting launched, spread over multiple marketplaces. It’s undeniable that this trend will keep moving upwards since the big brands are just starting to discover the Metaverse and NFTs. All these platforms and NFTs are now scattered all… Read More

BIG Time AMA: The Time Traveling Blockchain Metaverse Game

Earlier this week, the Bitsquad interviewed Big Time, potentially one of the biggest blockchain-based games of 2022. Big Time is the world’s first AAA+ developed RPG game with NFT and blockchain integration. The game’s story revolves around time traveling throughout history and fighting various different enemies according to Crypto Han the community lead for Big… Read More

3 Reasons Why WonderHero NFTs Can Give You More Earnings

WonderHero is a play-to-earn mobile game for the iOS and Android, where players play in turn-based tactical battles to earn tokens and NFT assets. So what exactly are these NFT assets in WonderHero? How do you use them and are they valuable? In this article, we will break it down for you and share 3… Read More

Hottest NFT Project This Year! (Pluto Alliance Has MAXIMUM Crypto Utility)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> Pluto has always been the underdog. There are still some people that even think it’s a planet! It seems that not much will change in the future either, because all of the other planets will gang up on Pluto in an interplanetary war. Luckily, a mysterious fleet of aliens will appear to… Read More

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