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Don’t Miss The Bitboy Punks Drop On Mintable – 6/15/21

Bitboy Crypto will be releasing our new collection of Bitverse NFTs titled: “Bitverse Punks” on NFT marketplace Mintable on June 15th. Bitverse Punks is an exclusive collection of 16 unique Bitverse characters that have been re-designed in a pixel art blocky style. Bitverse is a crypto-based digital universe designed by artists and designers here at… Read More

AMA RECAP: DEFI For You Offers A New Perspective On DEFI

Earlier this week, this writer interviewed DEFI For You in the Bitsquad, a new DEFI platform which among other things allows users to lend real-life collateral for crypto utilizing NFTs. Which, before this question and answer session even included tokenizing animals. However, after a long discussion, and a facetious threat to call PETA, William Gray… Read More

Ferrum Network introduces Ferrum Network Collectibles!

Ferrum Network is proud to announce Ferrum Network Collectibles, a Premier NFT collection powered by Ferrum Network, fueled by industry-leading partners! Ferrum Network Collectibles are imbued with unique utilities and partnership benefits you will find hard to resist! Collect NFTs Ferrum Network Collectibles NFC collection works together to offer additional benefits and utilities that are… Read More

Ferrum Network NFT Division partnership lineup announces BK The Artist & Vapor 95 in Conjuction with UREEQA & NetVRk!

NFTs? Is there anything Ferrum can’t do? It’s been a while since Ferrum exploded onto the scene with its wildly successful launch of the Metal Ox. Since then, there’s been a team of individuals at Ferrum Advisory Services working quietly in the background. It’s no secret that through Ferrum Advisory Services and the projects that… Read More

Crypto.com Appoints Joe Conyers III as EVP, NFT Platform

Preparations are underway for the launch of an invite-only NFT platform HONG KONG, March 16, 2021 — Crypto.com is proud to announce the appointment of Joe Conyers III as EVP, NFT Platform. Joe will oversee the development of Crypto.com’s invite-only NFT platform that will feature the world’s top artists, athletes and sports leagues. Joe most recently served as… Read More

February 2021 Monthly Report — Collaborations with Elrond, Avalanche, and Cartesi DApps in IoT and NFT’s Now on the Descartes SDK

February 26, 2021 — February has been a significant month of progress for Cartesi! We are starting 2021 off with the bang to lead into the year. We’ve begun bringing more awareness to what we are building and have had significant expansion in our community and partnerships. The Cartesi team recently released our updated roadmap… Read More

NFT Marketplace Launches on IOST, Sets to Implement IP from Entertainment Games

In Jan 2021, IOST partners with the experienced Japanese blockchain game developer and consultancy company- Platinum Egg team to officially open TokenLink NFT Marketplace for IOST gamers to trade NFTs and game items. This was followed by the CROSSLINK game release in Sep 2020 which attracted more than 140,000 downloads to date. IOST CONTINUES TO… Read More

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