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Elon Musk is WRONG About Bitcoin Mining in 2021 (TRUTH About Crypto Energy Use)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> Crypto mining has been getting a lot of negative press over the past few months with but new FUD has entered the mainstream now that institutional players are getting more vocal with their criticisms. You’ve see the headlines and billionaire twitter arguments and they all center around one thing: Proof of Work… Read More

Binance Partners with BitRiver to Add a Node to Binance Pool

Binance has announced that it will be adding a node to its cryptocurrency mining platform to BitRiver’s cryptocurrency mining datacenter in Bratsk, Russia. With the company taking further steps into the expansion of its features and infrastructure, it is a great time for its users to enjoy the benefits and take their trading to another… Read More

Binance Launches its Mining Pool – Claims Lowest Costs

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, recently delivered a tweet that Binance is launching the beta version of its mining pool, and he claims that it will provide the lowest fees in the industry. Zhao announced: “The first block ever mined by the @Binance Mining Pool. Still in closed-beta. Going live soon. As always, LOWEST… Read More

Is Chinese Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Moving to North America?

China is known as the dominating force in digital coin mining. According to CoinShares Research, China’s Bitcoin miners controlled some 65% of total hash power at the end of 2019. Chinese firms such as Bitmain and Canaan, which are the biggest manufacturers of bitcoin mining hardware in the world, have a substantial impact on the… Read More

Bitcoin Supply Hits 18 Million

Depending on when this article is being read, the 18 millionth Bitcoin (BTC) may have already been minted. The milestone has been making waves in the crypto community, and there are many questions about price and the future of the hard cap of 21 million BTC coming to the surface. So far, the 18 millionth… Read More

Litecoin Halving Comes & Goes. Only 1457 Days Until the Next One.

Litecoin Halving Happens. Are We Rich Yet? Much has been made over the last several months about the run up to the Litecoin Halving. Today, it happened. And if you are waiting for the next one, don’t hold your breath because it’s a mere 1457 days away. The “Litecoin Halving” is an event that occurs… Read More

$200M in New Bitcoin Miners Show Bitcoin Interest is Back

100k New Miners Online As we reported on Saturday, the bitcoin mining hashrate set a new all time high. Now, there is evidence that more than 100,000 new miners have come online in the last two weeks. The huge surge is miners is strong evidence that Bitcoin has rebounded enough in 2019 to safely say… Read More

Bitcoin Hashrate Reaching All Time High

Mining is Surging The hashrate of the bitcoin network has once again reached a new all time high. The hashrate climbed to 78.9978EH/s on July 29th. To put that into perspective, during the infamous 2017 bull run the hashrate was approximately 15 EH/s. Right now the hashrate is more than five times larger than it… Read More

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