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Miners Threaten Hash War Over EIP-1559, Vitalik Buterin Says L2 Optimism Ready To Scale ETH 100x

Miners are aiming to protest the EIP-1559 proposal that will cut their revenues due to the current flawed mechanics of gas fees bidding. Meanwhile, Vitalik Buterin the Co-Founder of Ethereum has stated that ETH is ready to scale imminently within the next couple of weeks with Optimism an L2 cross-roll up solution A group of… Read More

$200M in New Bitcoin Miners Show Bitcoin Interest is Back

100k New Miners Online As we reported on Saturday, the bitcoin mining hashrate set a new all time high. Now, there is evidence that more than 100,000 new miners have come online in the last two weeks. The huge surge is miners is strong evidence that Bitcoin has rebounded enough in 2019 to safely say… Read More

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