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New Report Says Bitcoin Whales Are Dying

According to a new report from Whale Alert, the so-called “Bitcoin Whales,” who may have an outsized influence on the Bitcoin market, have been on their way out. There are many pieces of evidence that these large-scale crypto traders have influenced the Bitcoin market in the past, but now, they might be less relevant. In… Read More

Coinbase Offers New Staking Options

After many changes in the cryptocurrency market, Coinbase has become one of the biggest exchanges for trading crypto, as well as a go to exchange for people that want to have fiat currency options. At last valuation, it is an $8 billion business. CEO Brian Armstrong said that Coinbase has created a profit for three… Read More

Binance to Introduce Fiat Gateways

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao announced that fiat options were coming to the platform, when he was Speaking at the Open Innovations 2019 conference in Moscow yesterday. The exchange has mostly dealt with tokens up to this point, but there may be a raft of fiat options on the way. Zhao: “We’re adding support for fiat… Read More

Crypto Markets Fade Bounce, XRP Holds Weekly Gains

The crypto markets are under pressure on the last weekday of the trading week. The CCI30, a measure of the 30 most valuable tokens, has fallen by nearly 100 points over the last few hours of trading. It had been trading above the 2,850 level, but is currently selling at 2,765. Bitcoin (BTC), the worlds… Read More

Cryptos Lose Ground, Hold Support

Cryptos Lose Ground, Hold Support The crypto markets are being sold. Over the last 24 hours the CCI30, which is a measure of the 30 most valuable tokens, has fallen to 2,824. The CCI30 has traded around the 2,930 level over the past 48 hours, but it is seeing selling pressure as the North American… Read More

Cryptocurrency Market Gains

The CCI30, a measure of the 30 most valuable cryptos, is trading at 2,914. Over the last 24 hours, The CCI30 is trading up, and seems to be recovering from the selling pressure that brought most of the major tokens down during the last week of trading. Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s most valuable token measured… Read More

Cryptocurrency Markets Update: Altcoins Rally

The major tokens have been trading in a steady range over the weekend as we all know about cryptocurrency market. The CCI30, a measure of the 30 largest cryptos, is currently trading at 2,874, and has traded as high as 2,895 over the last 48 hours. While most of the major tokens have been largely… Read More

Crypto Prices on the Move

Cryptocurrencies are trading with a bullish bias. The CCI30, a gauge of the 30 largest cryptos by market cap, has been rising over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading at 3,268. The CCI30 has traded as high as 3,290 over the last day, and appears to be in a rising trend. Bitcoin prices… Read More

Bitcoin Up On the Weekly

Crypto markets are in a holding pattern, though some of the biggest tokens are losing a bit of ground. The CCI30, a measure of the world’s largest 30 cryptos by market cap, has been largely flat over the last day. It has traded as high as 3,320, but has fallen to 3,255 at the time… Read More

Indicator Showing Buy for First Time Since June as Bitcoin Hovers Around $12k

Bitcoin Feeling More Bullish in Spite of $12k Resistance The Bitcoin price is down about 0.30% today at $11,718.28. BTC Dominance looks like it will not be stopped on its way to 70%. Today it’s at 68.8%. The overall market cap in crypto is $304.3B. This comes amid stocks continuing to plunge. Bitcoin is up… Read More

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